How to: Make an Underwater Viewer

By | August 1, 2012
From Xplor: August/September 2012

Interesting insects, colorful fish and camouflaged crawdads await discovery just beneath the riffles of a stream. Build an underwater viewer to calm the water and see what you’ve been missing.

Gather These Supplies

  • A coffee can, potato chip tube or other cylinder-shaped food container
  • Clear plastic wrap
  • Rubber bands
  • Duct tape

Build your viewer

  • Ask an adult to cut out the bottom of a coffee can or other food container. This will make a tube that’s open on both ends.
  • Stretch a piece of plastic wrap over one end of the tube to form a smooth, tight window. Snap a rubber band around the tube to hold the plastic in place.
  • Wrap duct tape around the tube to seal the plastic wrap. It may take several rounds of tape to make the plastic wrap waterproof.
  • Head to your favorite stream, lower the window of the viewer into the water, and see how many cool creatures you can spot

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