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From Missouri Conservationist: June 2024

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Love for the Birds

I love this magazine and hope you will continue to send it to us. The picture of the red-bellied woodpecker on the April cover was nice and bright.

Mahlon N. Schwartz, Seymour

Leave Wildlife Wild

I am writing as I appreciated the recent article Leave Wildlife Wild [In Brief, April, Page 5]. It was correct in telling adults and children that oftentimes the best thing one can do for baby animals (or grown ones that seem injured) is to leave them alone as most likely they are not truly “alone.”

The one thing I would add is that this rule also applies just as much to those who attempt to capture images on social media of themselves standing by (or even handling) wildlife.

Whether you think you’re helping a baby critter or just trying to get a good Instagram picture, neither one is an excuse for disturbing wildlife.

David Bitterbaum, Ballwin

Which Woodpecker is Which?

I look forward each month to receiving your wonderfully informative magazines. The articles are well-written and the pictures — particularly those by Noppadol Paothong — are spectacular.

The cover photo for the April issue is identified as a red-bellied woodpecker. I had been taught that this bird is a red-headed woodpecker. Which name is correct?

Marialiee Enghauser, St. Louis

The closely related red-bellied woodpecker, which was on our April cover, and the red-headed woodpecker are often confused in name only. The red-headed woodpecker has an all-red head, throat, and nape of neck. The red-bellied woodpecker, in contrast, only has a wide band of red from its bill over its crown to the nape. It also has a reddish lower belly, giving the bird its name.

Future of Turkey Hunting

I was heartened to read the account of Cara Coates’ burgeoning interest in turkey hunting under the mentorship of her spouse, Ryan, because such young hunters are the future of our sport [A Hunter’s Journey, April, Page 10]. With her enthusiasm and fortitude, I’m sure her future will provide many gobble-filled mornings — and eventually a punched tag.

John Erkmann, Alaska

Love From Japan

My wife and I live in Japan now, but we enjoy so much the Missouri Conservationist. It is nice to see the photos of places we used to visit when we lived in Missouri, and the articles are so informative. The photography is breath-taking. The Missouri Conservationist is a real treasure.

Greg Hadley, Japan

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