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By MDC | June 1, 2024
From Missouri Conservationist: June 2024

Carnivorous Plant

Common bladderworts begin to bloom in May. The flowers resemble tiny yellow snapdragons. Did you know bladderworts are Missouri’s only carnivorous plants? Before you get too excited, these are not something out of Little Shop of Horrors. The baglike bladders that constitute the trap are only about the size of a pinhead, so the animals they trap are quite small — minute aquatic organisms such as tiny crustaceans, aquatic insects, mosquito larvae, and newly hatched tadpoles and fish fry. For more information about the bladderwort, visit

When Cicadas Sing

Cicadas are the undeniable soundtrack of summer. This year will be especially melodic — or noisy — as two separate broods will emerge. Brood XIX — or 19 — will emerge into June 2024 and comprises four species of 13-year cicadas. Brood XIII — or 13 — consists of 17-year cicadas. This is considered a rare natural event — one that hasn’t occurred in over 200 years. In fact, the last time these broods emerged in the same year, Thomas Jefferson was president! To learn more about periodical cicadas, visit

Butterfly Garden

Summer is a great time to appreciate butterflies, and there’s many ways to do so. There’s butterfly gardening, butterfly watching, butterfly photography, caterpillar rearing, butterfly organizations, citizen science opportunities, and more. If you would like to spend more time with butterflies this summer, learn more at

Alternative to Callery Pear

Downy serviceberry is one of the most popular native small trees for landscaping in Missouri due to its pretty white springtime flowers, attractive summer foliage, and handsome bark. It is also the perfect alternative to the invasive Callery or Bradford pear tree. Serviceberry fruits ripen this month. They are edible, but you better act fast. About 35 species of birds and dozens of mammals feed on the berries. For more information about downy serviceberry, visit

Reconnect with Nature

Adventure can happen anywhere. Download the free MO Outdoors app for great places to go and capture memories near you.

Nature Rx: Where Can I Float?

Wednesday, June 12 • 12–12:30 p.m.

Online only

Registration required by June 11. To register, call 888-283-0364 or visit

All ages

It’s summer and a good time to get out and relax on our rivers and streams. We will look at some of the best Missouri rivers for floating and the equipment you should take with you.

Thinking About Plotting for Deer?

Friday, June 7 • 12–1 p.m.

Online only

Registration required by June 6. To register, call 888-283-0364 or visit

All ages

Does your neighbor always seem to fill their deer permits when you don’t? Are squirrels the only thing you see when you’re in the stand? A food plot may be the answer. Learn about the basics of putting in food plots for deer and how you can still actively prepare for deer season during the summer.

Find more events in your area at

Natural Events to See This Month

Here’s what’s going on in the natural world.

  • Bluegill nest.
  • Trumpet creeper blooms.
  • White-tailed fawns are born.

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