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From Missouri Conservationist: February 2024

Letters to the Editor

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Cover Photo

The December 2023 cover photo is spectacular. Many thanks to Jian Xu for submitting it. Your magazine is known for great photography, now among readers as well as professionals.

Lucy Hirsch, Smithville

Eye of the Beholder

If ever a photo screamed out, “Make me a 24-by-24-inch, 750-piece puzzle,” it’s Mina Sauk Falls [December, Page 27]. Best print I’ve seen in a long time.

Joe Quinn, Columbia

My husband and I are always delighted to receive your magazine every month, but we were especially thrilled to see the photos from readers [Eye of the Beholder, December, Page 10]. All the photos were so striking and captivating. Thank you, photographers, for sharing your time and talents to enthrall us. Thank you, Missouri Conservationist, for continuing to create a national award-winning magazine.

Cathy Zinkel, Ballwin

The photo on the cover of the December issue by Jian Xu is fantastic. The alignment, along with the color composition, is terrific. To shoot such a photo takes timing and an excellent eye on the part of the photographer. Kudos to Mr. Xu.

Dwaine Goodwin, Ozark

Purple and green seem to be the colors of Halloween nowadays instead of black and orange. However, that color combination has been in Mother Nature’s palette forever, as seen in the photos I spotted in your December issue. Moss-covered turtle, night sky over McCormack Lake, river otter, and the western cottonmouth all have that beautiful color combination. These four photos show Mother Nature has an eye for pleasing color combinations that we humans can only copy. The photos chosen to appear in this issue had it all — humor, beauty, and education. Another great issue to add to my Missouri Conservationist library.

Ramona Allen, Sedalia

Celebrating the Harvest

During my 18 years as a school administrator, we have always had a “celebrate your harvest” amongst our students.

Each year, we encourage our students at St. Elizabeth to share pictures of their deer and turkey harvest. We try to promote good photography, as we have contest categories that include best picture. 

On any given morning during Missouri’s deer and turkey seasons, you can find five or six different children looking for new pictures. It is great to see our future get so excited about showing their harvest. And yes, it’s always fun to hear them ask me, “Did you get my picture from mom and dad?” 

I cannot wait until turkey season.

Doug Kempker, Superintendent, St. Elizabeth R-IV School District

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