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From Missouri Conservationist: October 2023

Letters to the Editor

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Beautiful Doe

The cover of the August issue is mesmerizing. Both sides of her face nearly mirror each other. Great photo! She’s perfect.

James Cobb, St. Peters

Seniors Afield

We enjoyed the article in the August Conservationist about Bessie Hume (and other senior adults) and their deer-hunting escapades [Seniors Afield, Page 10]. Bessie and her husband, Harold, used to attend the same church as we do (FBC Branson), and I recall seeing a huge fish on display there that she had caught, I believe in Alaska. She was — and apparently, still is — quite a gal. Thanks for a really good article.

Mabe Davidson, via email

I look forward to every issue of your magazine. As a resident of a retirement community, I was delighted to read the article about Baptist Homes & Health Care Ministries and the National Deer Association’s collaborative efforts to get local seniors out in nature. Bravo!

One of our own residents, 90-year-old Lucy, is well known by our community to be an active (and very successful) deer hunter. She’s been deer hunting for about six years with the help and guidance of her very close-knit family. Lucy agrees, “you’re never too old,” and she’s looking forward to deer hunting again this season.

Mary Ann Reid, Ballwin

Resting in Nature

Resting in Peace with Nature was an article I never dreamed would be published in the Conservationist [August, Page 21]. Calvary Cemetery is full of Quinns, and the last thing I thought I would consider Calvary to be was a conservation area. I lived in St. Louis and Berkeley for 25 years and never heard of Greenwood. It is, however, on my list of places to see on my next trip to St. Louis.

Thanks to Dan Zarlenga and David Stonner for a most informative article. Great magazine. Keep up your good work.

Joe Quinn, Columbia

First-time Readers

Great job on the August issue. I loved reading it! This was my first time reading a Missouri Conservationist magazine, though after seeing all the beautiful, vibrant pictures and interesting articles, I’ll be sure to read more.

Riley Shelton, via email

I was just referred to this great magazine. I’m a native of north St. Louis County, graduate of University of Missouri-St. Louis, and left Missouri for job opportunities in 1978. I have lived in four other states. This is by far the best state outdoor publication I have seen. Thanks for great articles like the one in the August 2023 issue on St. Louis cemeteries. Great work! I’m glad to have reconnected.

Mike Knarrm, Meridian, Idaho

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