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From Missouri Conservationist: May 2023

Letters to the Editor

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Photo Magic

The photographs in the April edition are remarkable. The wild turkey on the cover is striking, as are the monarch butterfly eggs on the back cover. Noppadol Paothong and David Stonner are fascinating photographers.

Don Landon, Springfield

Flying High

Thank you for publishing the information on the Loess Bluffs Wildlife Refuge [Flying High, February, Page 10]. My husband and I took a late February trip to the refuge and it was an experience we will never forget. Witnessing the snow geese migration was a true blessing. The unspoiled scenic beauty of this place is unforgettable.

Since we are from Arnold, we spent a couple of nights at a local bed and breakfast. Due to your article, we were able to enjoy an unforgettable winter getaway. With heartfelt gratitude, thank you for your wonderful magazine. I look forward to every issue.

Connie Gurley, Arnold

Spring Beauties

The Missouri Conservationist features some of the finest nature photography I’ve ever enjoyed. I have to send my thanks to Noppadol Paothong for the predictably breathtaking photos that bear his signature. I cannot imagine the patience it must require to capture the perfect light on the flowers featured on the cover [Spring beauty, March] and the bunnies [Resuming Her Loveliness, March, Pages 22–23].

Rich Leppert, Kansas City


We got a kick out of the paddlefish photo in the March In Brief [Page 5]. Looks like that paddlefish had swallowed a fisherman. We always enjoy your magazine. Thanks for the chuckle.

Angelo Mancini, Independence

Trail Running

Regarding Nature at a Different Pace [April, Page 21], the first thing that should have been said was to avoid the areas during deer and turkey seasons. I also hunt squirrel and grouse on conservation areas outside the aforementioned seasons.

Zac Cannon, via email

Editors’ note: Trail running is another way to enjoy our conservation areas. It effortlessly combines your workout routine with the health and benefits of being in nature. However, before lacing up your running shoes and heading to a conservation area, always check the area for other activities, especially hunting seasons. Areas should always be avoided during active hunting seasons. You can use our online Places to Go tool at for this information.

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