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From Missouri Conservationist: February 2022

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MDC’s Canines

The K-9 Unit is an awesome addition to MDC. Please keep us informed of the exploits of these canine conservation agents. Love the magazine!

Joe Carretero, St. Louis

More Love for MDC’s K-9 Unit

Love the article on MDC’S K-9 Unit [Paws on the Ground, December, Page 10]. Astro looks like such a good boy! They’re so smart and loyal — such a worthy program. Love your magazine. I’m convinced Missouri has the best conservation department in the country.

Andrea Piper, Washington

Up Front About Canines

What a tender piece by Sara Parker Pauley about her dog Yeller in the December issue of the Conservationist [Up Front, Page 3]. I so enjoy seeing the human side of people in leadership.

Marcia, New Rolla

I’m a dog person and enjoyed the Up Front in the December issue. I also enjoyed Paws on the Ground. I have a beautiful German shorthair (house dog and hunter) and many people reached out to me saying, the dog on the cover looks just like your Mandy, and he does! I truly believe if Mandy hadn’t gotten stuck with us, she would have done big things, but she loves us and we love her.

Melanie Selmon, via email

I, too, love bird dogs. Now that I have reached 80 years old and have bad knees, I can only dream of the times on our farm in northeast Missouri hunting quail with our German shorthair named Duke. He was a great hunter and companion. When we were in the field, he was immediately at business and on the hunt. Unfortunately, he passed several years back, but I still have his picture and the First Place Shelbina Jaycees 1969 Shooting Dog trophy we earned. Great experiences.

Stan Copenhaver, Peculiar

A Natural Zoo

I have the good fortune to be able to enjoy my coffee each morning looking westward across the Black River. I am joined by eagles that love to dive for their breakfast from their perch high in the sycamore trees along my front yard. With the deer in my yard at night, bears on the ridge behind me, and the critters all around me, it’s almost like living in a zoo. I love it.

Herb Haus, via email

Easy Recipe

The recipe from the December issue is wonderful [Venison in a Pumpkin, Page 8]. And a great adventure to make. It takes a fair amount of time to prepare but is well worth the effort. The presentation is beautiful and the many flavors blend to make a unique, tasty late autumn meal. I thought it might be difficult to make but it was not.

Jeanette Ziegler, St. Louis

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