Up Front With Sara Parker Pauley

By Sara Parker Pauley | October 1, 2021
From Missouri Conservationist: October 2021

Dressed in khaki trousers, a nicely pressed shirt, and sometimes with his clip-on tie affixed to his collar, my grandfather would wade into his favorite Ozark streams in his full Sunday attire, as if he were engaging in a baptism of sorts. He didn’t own a pair of jeans and the sportswear of today was nonexistent in his rural Missouri hometown. But in reflection, I love this vision of him, so nicely dressed, as if he were courting the stream and its abundant life as one would a beloved.

This vision came to mind as I read the fabulous article by Tim Kjellesvik (see Fish, Float, Fall Color). If Tim’s article does not rouse you from your summer doldrums and remind you that fall is afoot with all its possibilities, then I’m not sure what will! This issue is your wake-up call, a reminder that summer’s heat has retreated, and the cooler mornings bring with it an awakening. Hopefully, it’s new fall energy breaking forth with possibilities — from floating an Ozark stream, fishing your favorite farm pond, hiking a trail laced with autumn color, chasing deer and turkey with a bow, relaxing in your hammock, or numerous other possibilities.

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers,” said renowned author L.M. Montgomery. And right she is. October offers something for everyone. So come as you are and immerse yourself in all things outdoors this month. Clip-on tie or tie dye, all are welcome!

Sara Parker Pauley, Director


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