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From Missouri Conservationist: July 2020

Kansas City Region | Taberville Prairie Conservation Area

By Larry Archer

Just what the doctor ordered.

Given the stress many people have been under, a walk through the sandstone glades, wildflowers, and songbirds of St. Clair County’s Taberville Prairie Conservation Area (CA) could be just what the doctor ordered.

Even though any time spent in nature is beneficial, this 1,680- acre prairie claims an additional healthcare connection, said Taberville Prairie CA Manager Stasia Whitaker.

“There is a Taberville,” Whitaker said. “It’s a small town just south of Taberville Prairie, and it was named after the first town doctor, who was Dr. Taber.”

Much of the area is remnant prairie, which means it’s never been plowed, leading to its designation as one of Missouri’s natural areas, she said.

“About 1,300 acres is the natural area portion of Taberville Prairie, so it does get a lot of use in terms of birdwatching,” she said. “Photography is a popular pastime for a lot of people, and hiking.”

In addition to the birds, July is also a prime time for many of the area’s wildflowers, she said.

“You’re going to see a lot of blazing star, pale purple coneflower, and compass plant, some of your landmark species,” she said. “Your prairie species are really going to be showy this time of year.”

“It’s a remnant prairie, unplowed, which is very special. It’s a shale- and sandstone-derived prairie, so it’s very rocky, which basically saved it from the plow. A person out hiking will notice the outcrops, there are lots of sandstone outcrops across the prairie.”

—Taberville Prairie CA Manager Stasia Whitaker

Taberville Prairie Conservation Area  consists of 1,680 acres in St. Clair County. From El Dorado Springs, take Route H north 12 miles.

What To Do When You Visit

  • Birdwatching Included in the National Audubon Society’s Taberville Prairie Plains Important Bird Area ( Included in the Great Missouri Birding Trail ( The eBird list of birds recorded at Taberville Prairie CA is available at
  • Hunting Deer and turkey Deer and turkey regulations are subject to annual changes. Please refer to the Spring Turkey or Fall Deer and Turkey booklets for current regulations. Also dove, quail, and rabbit

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What to look for when you visit.

  • Compass plant
  • Speckled kingsnake
  • Regal fritillary
  • Bobolink

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