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From Missouri Conservationist: March 2020

I am still reeling with pride for our Kansas City Chiefs and their spectacular comeback Super Bowl victory. I’ll admit, I was concerned early in the fourth quarter, but Patrick Mahomes and his team never gave up. They had trained for this game day, each knew their part in making the dream happen, and they believed and trusted each other and the outcome.

I think of MDC’s own versions of game day. This month, it’s the trout park opener on March 1. To get to this day, it’s taken around-the-clock parenting by our hatchery teams to raise and protect the infant trout as they weather floods and other acts of nature. But they know the goal — to grow healthy fish, ensuring anglers’ delight and the making of memories. Our hatchery teams are an amazing example of dedication, passion, and commitment to providing what angling fans desire.

Or what about our MDC teams out collecting data in every season to inform our regulations and management plans? Or the teams battling CWD to ensure successful deer seasons into the future? Or those working tirelessly to develop public programs for our nature centers and shooting ranges? The list of dedicated team efforts throughout the department is an inspiring one.

So, here’s to our Chiefs and our MDC teams that inspire us, including making game days possible and worth the wait. Game on!

Sara Parker Pauley, Director SARA.PAULEY@MDC.MO.GOV

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