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From Missouri Conservationist: November 2019

Letters to the Editor

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Beauty in Nature

Thank you for your beautiful magazine.

My family just loves it. The information and pictures are just great. The color is so beautiful.

Margie Lynn, Goodman

Faith, Family, and Fowl

I enjoyed reading Faith, Family, and Fowl [September]. I always say — the best times are spent with family. The Malmstroms seem to have it in mind when, as a family, they enjoy hunting and fishing together. Kudos. I enjoyed the read. And I enjoy the Conservationist magazine.

Shirley Lockhart Fulton

Conservation Up Front

I love the magazine. There is so much information in such a small publication. The Up Front section is one of my favorites. I look forward to Director Pauley’s insight and how she brings the reader full circle with her writing. The volunteers and staff work so very hard in keeping Missouri wildlife  preservation first in so many ways. I read the articles and remember days hunting with my dad or just walking through the woods. Thanks for the memories.

Bob Jewson St. Charles

More Praise for Opossums

We love the Missouri Conservationist magazine. In particular, the article Awesome Opossums [August] was so informative. We learned so much about their life span, how they raise their babies, and love the fact that they kill snakes and ticks. We wish everyone would read this article then, maybe, these animals would finally get the respect they are due.

Dan and Sandy McKay Lee’s Summit

Received my August edition. Great reading! Nice article about opossums. I’m 72 now and learned new things about our Missouri friends, even though I am not fond of them. Keep up the great articles.

W. Marshall O’Fallon

Kudos to the Conservationist

The Missouri Conservationist magazine is beautifully done. Every single issue is interesting. Thank you.

Laura Anderson Bucklin

The Missouri Conservation Commission is really blessed to have such professional artists and authors. I love your magazine and received several handouts at the state fair. Congratulations on the best conservation department in the U.S. Love you guys, loved growing up with you and my dad teaching me conservation.

Name Withheld via email

Spiders? Oh My!

I love your magazine, but please don’t put spiders or tarantulas on the cover [October 2019]. It must be good information, but I have a fear of them and don’t like to see them on my dining room or reading table. Thank you.

Doris Foley via Facebook

I hope there wasn’t something that I really wanted to read in October’s Missouri Conservationist. I saw the spider on the cover and quickly put it in the recycling bin. Spiders are my weak link. I truly love nature, except for spiders. I’ll be patiently waiting on November’s edition.

Anita Heckenback via email

Spiders are one of the most polarizing creatures of the natural world. But they do serve an important role. They consume thousands of insects each year and, in turn, serve as food for birds, small mammals, reptiles, and more. If you don’t want to miss out on the October issue, check out the online edition at You can select which parts you want to read, and which ones you want to avoid. —the editors

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