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From Missouri Conservationist: April 2019

Letters to the Editor

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MO to Wyoming

Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your magazine. After reading it, I send it to my grandson in Wyoming so he can keep in touch with home.

Barb Balota, Arnold

Journey with Schoolcraft

From the beautiful cover photo to the outdoor calendar, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire February 2019 issue of the Missouri Conservationist. After 35 years away from Missouri, I moved back in late 2014, resubscribing to the magazine as soon as I got settled. I did so not only to update my knowledge regarding conserving or restoring natural areas in my neighborhood, but also to learn about conservation areas and parks I can visit for short (or longer) hikes — my way of getting frequent doses of outdoor medicine. How I wish I had the stamina to take on the Schoolcraft trail [Schoolcraft: A Journey Through Southern Missouri, Page 10], but I am certainly going to look up some of the featured points of his trek the next time I am near portions of the trail and will move visiting Smallins Cave up several positions on my to-do list. We will be trying the venison fajitas and looking for Ozark witch-hazel soon.

Mary Jones via email

I thoroughly enjoyed Brian Flowers’ and Francis Skalicky’s article on Henry Schoolcraft’s journey through the interior of Missouri and Arkansas. Fascinating information. I realize now why Hwy. 65, which runs north and south on the eastern side of Springfield, is also known as Schoolcraft Freeway. A wonderful and thoroughly delightful article, in keeping with the extraordinary professionalism of this publication. Four generations of our family have enjoyed this magazine.

Brenda Wrather Springfield

Thank you for the informative article about Schoolcraft. I had been searching for a map of Schoolcraft’s journey, and it was in the Missouri Conservationist! Keep up the great work about our great state.

Bonnie Carter Bucyrus
Just finished reading the February issue. I thought it was the best one yet. Really enjoyed the article on Henry Schoolcraft and the precious picture of the squirrel on the cover.

Leslee Jacobson via email

Winter Trout

How lucky we are in the state of Missouri to have such a wonderful Conservation Department. The Conservationist is so well-done and the pictures are unbelievable. I look forward to receiving it and then passing it on to others.

As a lifelong fisherman, the winter trout program has been a blessing. The need to travel hours has been greatly reduced and to be able to fish during cold weather months has reduced the “itch” tremendously.

Sonny Brady via email

Thanks for the Memories

Your article [Up Front, February] reminded me of my younger days when I would purposely not overindulge on New Year’s Eve, so I could go out the first day of the new year to enjoy the first sunrise with my bird dog. Sitting down at the base of a tree, I would feed my dog a breakfast sandwich and revel in the glow of the first sunrise and the promise that it provided. Hearing ducks and geese in the distance as they prepared for their morning mission to neighboring fields. I was always asked how successful my hunting was and my response was always the same — mission accomplished. My dogs are passed now, and I only get to enjoy the warmth of their memories. I occasionally get to go out with my son and his children. Most important is being out there with my children, occasionally finding game, getting a shot or two, and maybe harvesting a bird or two. But mostly being out there.

Mickey Cruse via email

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