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From Missouri Conservationist: April 2018

Letters to the Editor

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Superb Magazine

Just a note to tell you how great the Missouri Conservationist is. It is a superb magazine.

I commend Sara Parker Pauley for her leadership.

Richard Klapp, St.Charles


I always enjoy your magazine, but the February issue was outstanding. The article on screechowls [The Eastern Screech-Owl, Page 16] brought back memories from 40 years ago. We lived in a reclaimed farmhouse that was thick with mice, so we kept traps set and usually caught some every night.

There was an old shed where we kept a lawn mower and hand tools. One morning I went out there and came face to face with a screech-owl. She was perched on the top of the wall and did not appear to be frightened by me. I went back to check our traps and we had a couple. I took them to our owl. For the rest of the summer, I would take her a mouse. She would stand on one leg, reach out with the other, and take them out of my fingers. We enjoyed having her around. Thanks for bringing back pleasant memories.

Ray Bozarth via email

My family subscribes to conservation magazines from both Missouri and Kansas, and frankly, we like yours the best. I have been a photographer for many years, and the quality of the shots in your publication are superior to others. I wish to congratulate Angie Morfeld for the splendid article on the eastern screech-owls that we’ve all read many times.

Steve Stalker, Kansas City, Kansas

I can relate to the Up Front story about the call of the barred owl [February, Page 3]. The first time I heard it was just a few years ago at Ha Ha Tonka State Park’s owl call night. There were several of us there at the old post office gazebo. We must have called in several owls because it got quite loud. You’re right, it sounds like monkeys in the trees! I’ll never forget it!

Donna Jablonski, Osage Beach

Oh Deer!

Thanks for the article Oh Deer, Some Bunny Ate My Veggies in the February issue [Page 22], just in time for garden planning. After several years of deer problems, a local conservation agent helped me with ideas for my deer fence. Last year my garden was pest free.

Cammy Marble, Lone Jack

I read with interest the fencing method to keep out deer. I don’t grow vegetables, but do have numerous shrubs and flowers that deer were devouring. Fortunately, I came across a solution in a gardening magazine that demonstrated using VHS tapes. Sometimes I use green garden stakes and stretch the tape across, but more often I just drape the tape loosely on the plant, bush, or tree.

Margaret Gustafson St. Louis County

More Love for The Conservationist

I was gifted this subscription when I moved out of Missouri to Wisconsin. I have since moved to Denver,but still receive the magazine. I enjoy keeping up with Missouri conservation and love hearing all the great work being done.

Brandon Gutteridge Denver, Colorado

I am writing to let you know how meaningful and enjoyable your magazine has been for us over the years. Recently, it has had a profoundly positive impact on a relative who lives in a community home. When I introduced him to your magazine, he seemed intrigued. Clearly the photos captivated him. In addition, one feature attracted his attention and prompted him to reach for your magazine, uncharacteristically, on his own — the What Is It? feature. It is delightful to see him enjoy your wonderful magazine. Thank you!

Louise Chel, St. Charles

The Conservationist is a collection of nature’s art. The images captured are so beautiful that I find it difficult to discard old issues. I still find it difficult to believe the exceptional collection of work and art that each edition offers.

Charles Cornelius, Kansas City

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