Up Front With Sara Parker Pauley

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From Missouri Conservationist: January 2018

Up front with Sara Parker Pauley

At my Granny Elma’s house, there was a front porch and a back porch, each with a specific purpose. The front porch was for watching the sunrise while drinking coffee or sipping sweet tea on a hot afternoon. The back porch was grand central station for all the “real work” that was happening. My granny, on her way to milk the cows or tend to the chickens, would traverse through the back porch.

Where would you find the milk buckets? Back porch. Need a flat to pick beans? Back porch. Extra jars for canning? Back porch. Now, if you made the mistake of taking a moment to visit, throw a football, or tie your shoe in the general vicinity of the back porch, Granny would give you that look that said either get those idle hands working or take them to the front porch. There is work to be done here!

In this issue, we are taking a moment to review all the diverse and important work that has been accomplished this past year, including celebrating our 80th anniversary. You’ll read about the breadth of conservation efforts accomplished or underway, the partners helping us make it happen, and an overview of the financial resources necessary to get the work done.

This reflection of work is important to ensure Missourians are informed about the work their Department of Conservation, with the help of many great partners, is accomplishing for them. We also look forward to 2018 and the wonderful opportunities ahead. We’re reinvigorated and ready. There is work to be done here!

Sara Parker Pauley, Director

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