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From Missouri Conservationist: Apr 2015

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Longtime Reader

I have had the pleasure of reading the Missouri Conservationist for a long time. I remember seeing it for the first time at my grandparents’ home. Then, just a few years ago, I was at my brother’s home and they had a subscription to Xplor. I now receive that as well. Both are so wonderful. Pictures are fabulous, information always helpful.

Cynthia James, Wright City

Download Your Issue

I like being able to download the Conservationist and was wondering if you were going to offer Xplor as a download also.

Tom Tobey John, via Facebook

Conservation Department: You can read both magazines online or download them as PDFs. Visit the Xplor magazine archive at xplor.mdc.mo.gov/xplor/stories/xplor-magazine. There is a download link for each issue. The current issue of the Conservationist is available online at mdc.mo.gov/conmag, and other recent copies are available under “Archive.”

Reciprocal Fishing

If I have a Missouri fishing license, can I fish on the banks of the Mississippi River on the Illinois side, or do I need an out-of-state Illinois license?

Wat Wat, via Facebook

Conservation Department: The Reciprocal Fishing Privileges (Page 21) of the 2015 Summary of Missouri Fishing Regulations says that if you are properly licensed or exempted in Missouri, you may fish from Illinois banks along the Mississippi River. However, you must abide by the more restrictive of the two state’s regulations. Visit mdc.mo.gov/node/6108 for complete details.

Keeping Current

I really liked the article about eradicating wild hogs in the February issue. My family and I have land in Stoddard County and are avid hunters. We know that the hogs are close, and we like to know how to deal with them once they get to our area.

I like it when I open the magazine to see workshops that are coming up and the current things that are going on, whether they be good or bad. I am 13 years old, and I have been to several workshops, and they have all been helpful and fun.

I think that your magazine is a great way to let people know what to look out for, and how to take care of many problems. I also think your magazine is very interesting and entertaining.

Clayson R. Anderson, Sikeston

Missouri to Mexico

I was in a store parking lot in Rockport, Texas, when I saw a car with Missouri plates. The owner said he was from southwest Missouri. I told him that I retired from the Conservation Department office in Branson, so I was familiar with southwest Missouri. He said he gets the Missouri Conservationist, and, after he has read it, he always takes it to a doctor’s office and asks if he can leave it in the waiting room for others. He said we have the best conservation department in the country because years ago the people took it out of politics. Quite a pat on the back. In conclusion, several years ago I went to the dentist in Progresso, Mexico, and when I sat in the waiting area, the first magazine that I picked up was the Conservationist. We never know how far-reaching our efforts may be.

Darrel L. Testerman, retired conservation agent


In First State Record of Ivory Gull, Page 8 of the March issue, we wrote: “The gull flew up and down the Missouri River near Quincy and crossed over to the Missouri side of the river, resting on the barges tied there.” The river mentioned should have been the Mississippi River.

Reader Photo

Spring Has Sprung

Shaun Ratcliff of Union, Missouri, captured this image of a downy serviceberry. The small tree is one of the first to bloom in the spring. Serviceberries bloom for only a few weeks, but as early bloomers, they provide nectar to bees and other insects just emerging from winter hibernation. “On this particular day, I was hiking through Long Ridge Conservation Area in hopes of finding a few early season morel mushrooms,” said Ratcliff. “As I recall, it was still a bit early for the mushrooms; however, there was plenty to be seen hiking through Long Ridge, including this beautiful little tree I ran across on the way back to my car.”

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