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From Missouri Conservationist: Feb 2014

Tony Rodak, of Independence, pauses from fishing with his 9-year-old grandson, Cameron Rieder, to pose for a picture with the rainbow trout that Rieder had just caught. The pair were fishing at James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area near Lee’s Summit. Certain lakes at the Reed area are part of the Missouri Department of Conservation’s urban winter trout stocking program. This program stocks trout throughout the state during the winter months, when warm water species are less active and harder to catch but cold-water species, such as trout, do very well. Rodak said he grew up fishing in Missouri. I Am Conservation 02-2014“I love the sport and hope it will always be available for my grandson and future generations,” He says he enjoys winter trout fishing because it allows him to get outdoors and see the changes in nature during the winter months. His grandson likes the excitement of fighting a fish on his line the best. He also likes spending time with his grandpa. Rodak said Rieder’s favorite fishing is for catfish. Rodak spends a lot of time fishing at the Reed area because it is near his house, but he also enjoys hunting for deer and waterfowl at Fountain Grove Conservation Area and Swan Lake National Wildlife Refuge. “I’ve been in the woods and near the water since I was a kid,” said Rodak. “That’s where I feel most relaxed and at home.” —photo by Noppadol Paothong

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