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From Missouri Conservationist: Mar 2013

Magnolia Hollow Conservation Area

Filled with outdoor-recreation, nature-viewing and wildlife-watching opportunities, this Ste. Genevieve County hollow is anything but empty.

Despite its “empty” name, there is plenty to see at Magnolia Hollow Conservation Area (CA) in Southeast Missouri. Magnolia Hollow is a deep draw containing a variety of plant life and wildlife habitat, but the 1,740-acre area that shares its name is home to even more magnificent sights.

A tree-heavy destination, Magnolia Hollow CA’s forests range from mixed hardwoods to cedar glades. Magnolia Hollow itself, designated as a natural area, features various types of trees, shrubs, and wildflowers, including begonia orchids. The area’s picturesque landscape pinnacles with steep bluffs and scenic views of the Mississippi River.

A nature-viewing tour of Magnolia Hollow CA would not be complete without seeing some of the area’s wildlife. For example, lucky bird watchers might spy an eagle along the river. A disabled-accessible viewing platform looks over the Mississippi River and Establishment Creek bottoms.

Visitors can view Magnolia Hollow CA’s features and wildlife from the ground on one of two hiking trails, one just over a mile long and the other less than half a mile long and disabled-accessible. Bicycling is permitted on area service roads, along with primitive camping at individual campsites with fire grates.

Hunters are welcome to pursue deer, turkey, and small game during the appropriate seasons. A small archery range and a disabled-accessible shotgun-shooting range, both unstaffed, give hunters a chance to do some target practice before their seasons open.

Magnolia Hollow CA’s management maintains quality habitat for native wildlife. Wildlife management techniques include creating watering ponds; planting fields of green browse and grain crops to serve as food sources for animals; harvesting timber to improve forage and cover for wildlife and maintaining warm-season grass, old fields, and brushy cover along field edges to benefit upland wildlife such as quail and rabbits.

The area requires forest management practices including timber harvests, timber stand improvements, and prescribed burns to maintain a healthy forest and provide habitat for deer and turkey. Management of the Magnolia Hollow and Establishment Creek corridors is minimal, consisting mostly of invasive species control and some prescribed burning, and protects the steep, sensitive watersheds.

Magnolia Hollow CA is located 10 miles north of Ste. Genevieve and south of Bloomsdale, just off Highway 61. For a map and brochure, visit the website listed below.

—Rebecca Maples, photo by David Stonner

Recreation opportunities: Archery range, bicycling, bird watching, camping, hiking, hunting in season, nature viewing, shotgun shooting range

Unique features: This area features scenic forests, riverside views and several disabled-accessible opportunities for nature viewing and outdoor recreation.

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