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From Missouri Conservationist: Jan 2012

Logan Rogersville High School’s biology teacher, Andrew Kinslow, has been birding most of his life. “One of my earliest memories is ofI am Conservation looking through a field guide with my parents on a snowy winter day and matching up birds at the feeder,” said Kinslow. “I remember being amazed at all the different types of birds and fascinated with the idea of flight.” This love of birding led Kinslow to intern with Missouri Ozark Forest Ecosystem Project, MOFEP, while in college. “I learned bird songs, nest location techniques and bird banding through this program,” said Kinslow. “After that, I was hooked on birding and research. The next two and a half years saw me in seven different states working on any type of bird research job I could find. It was while doing a public program during one of these jobs that Kinslow discovered his love for teaching. In 1999, he started a summer birding research program at his school. Ten kids participated in the program the first summer, and it has grown each year since. “Involving students is an integral part of birding to me,” said Kinslow. “It takes science out of the cookbook lab activity world and can hook a kid on science and birds for the rest of their lives.” —Photo by David Stonner

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