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From Missouri Conservationist: Aug 2011

Ask the Ombudsman

Q: Why is a female bullfrog called a bullfrog?

A: Bullfrogs are named for the sound made by the calling males that is reminiscent of the bellowing of bull cattle. The species’ common name is the bullfrog, so both the male and female animals are called bullfrogs.

Q: I used some cut limbs to decorate a ceiling in an entertainment room in my house. Later, I noticed an accumulation of fine powder on my floor under those limbs. It continues to reappear after being cleaned up. Do you know what is causing it?

A: You probably have some wood-eating beetles in those limbs. The powder is the fine sawdust that is falling from the limbs as the beetle larvae tunnel through them. There are several species of powderpost beetles that will infest various types of wood. When the larvae transform into adults and exit the wood, they leave round holes of about 1/16-inch diameter on the wood’s surface. Kiln-dried woods (such as lumber you would purchase) and finished woods are less likely to host the insects, which require some moisture in the wood. Using old wood from a barn or outside woodpile for paneling is another way to bring the insects into a home. You should remove the limbs from your house and monitor for any further sign of infestation.

Ombudsman Tim Smith will respond to your questions, suggestions or complaints concerning Department of Conservation programs. Write him at PO Box 180, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0180, call him at 573-522-4115, ext. 3848, or e-mail him at Ombudsman@mdc.mo.gov.

Agent Notes

Shooting sports help train responsible hunters.

Hunting has been a tradition in Missouri for hundreds of years. With this hunting tradition comes great responsibility; that responsibility is being a safe and sensible hunter. Knowing the fundamentals will help you on your way to becoming a safe hunter, and getting involved with competitive shooting sports is a good way to learn these basic skills.

Good shooting fundamentals are best developed at a young age before bad habits are formed. Conservation agents spend many hours each year working with organizations that cater to the younger generation to improve their shooting skills. I have found one way to play a bigger role in teaching these skills is being involved with some of the organizations that are actively participating in state-wide shooting competitions. Many communities have organizations like FFA, 4-H or even local sportsmen’s clubs. Each organization has their own way to help you improve your shooting abilities.

One of the organizations I have spent a lot of time with is the Summersville FFA Trap Team. The team consists of 14 kids ranging from freshman to seniors. Every week, I have watched each team member improve and gain confidence in their shooting skills. Recent Summersville graduate, Dusty Smith said, “I would highly recommend all FFA students who love the outdoors and like to compete individually and as a team to join the FFA Trap Team. It is a fun and rewarding sport, but be prepared to get hooked. This is a sport that can carry on throughout life, and I enjoy every minute of it.”

Justin Emery is the conservation agent for Shannon County. If you would like to contact the agent for your county, phone your regional conservation office listed on Page 3.



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Outdoors Calendar

To view fishing and hunting seasons, visit missouriconservation.org/seasons

For complete information about seasons, limits, methods and restrictions, consult the Wildlife Code and the current summaries of “Missouri Hunting and Trapping Regulations” and “Missouri Fishing Regulations,” the “Fall Deer and Turkey Hunting Regulations and Information,” the “Waterfowl Hunting Digest” and the “Migratory Bird Hunting Digest.” This information is on our Web site at MissouriConservation.org/regs and at permit vendors.

The Conservation Department’s computerized point-of-sale system allows you to purchase or replace your permits through local vendors or by phone. The toll-free number is 800/392-4115. Allow 10 days for delivery of telephone purchases. To purchase permits online go to www2.mo.wildlifelicense.com/start.php.

Wingshooting Workshops

Free workshops to help hunters develop wingshooting skills start this month and continue through Oct. 8. These are hands-on events, including range time with expert shooting coaches and ammunition provided. Topics include choke and load selection for nontoxic ammunition, shooting skills, range estimation and shotgun patterning. Events are scheduled for:

  • Houston, Aug. 20 at the Big Piney Sportsmen’s Club, call 417-256-7161 for more information;
  • Warrensburg, Sept. 10 at University of Central Missouri, 660-530-5500;
  • St. Louis, Sept. 16 through 18 at Henges Range, 636-938-9548;
  • Ashland, Sept. 17 at the Charles W. Green Conservation Area, 573-882-8388, ext. 230;
  • St. Joseph, Sept. 24 at MDC’s Northwest Regional Office, 816-271-3100;
  • Kirksville, Sept. 24 at MDC’s Northeast Regional Office, 660-785-2420;
  • St. Louis, Sept. 30 through Oct. 2 at Busch Range, 636-300-1953, ext. 302;
  • Bois D’Arc CA, Oct. 1 at the Dalton Range, 417-742-4361;
  • Kansas City, Oct. 8 at Lake City Range, 816-249-3194;
  • Hannibal area, Oct. 8 at Ted Shanks CA, 573-882-8388, ext. 230.


For more information on the effective wingshooting workshops, visit mdc.mo.gov/node/3710.

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