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From Missouri Conservationist: Jun 2008

On the Ground: CP23 Enhancement Program Appeals to Duck Lovers

It’s hard to tell who’s wilder about wetlands and ducks—Kenny Mauzey or his wife, Tessa. Together, this Chariton County couple built a Continuous Conservation Reserve CP23 Enhancement program on their property, and they’re planning a second. “The more wetland projects we see, the better,” the couple agrees.

A cooperative effort between Ducks Unlimited and MDC, the CP23 Enhancement Program allows Kenny and Tessa to practice seasonal flooding of adjoining crops. “We didn’t have a lot of ducks until we went out on the ice after hunting season and knocked down the corn. When spring came, we couldn’t believe the ducks we had,” Kenny said. CP23 Enhancement Program has two pilot focus areas: Ray, Carroll, Chariton, Saline and Lafayette counties and Pike, Lincoln, St. Charles and St. Louis counties. If you own land in these areas, call the Fulton and Chillicothe NRCS field offices for more information.

Armadillos in Your Yard?

Free brochure details how to deal with these lawn pests.

Native to Mexico, forest- and water-loving armadillos have crossed bridged rivers and survived freeway traffic to make their home in Missouri. Here these roving, insect-eating burrowers are challenging highway drivers and digging up lawns. If you don’t dig them burrowing in your yard, ask for the Armadillos in Missouri brochure. This free publication details how to deter, trap and legally shoot armadillos. To request it, write to MDC, PLS 015, PO Box 180, Jefferson City, MO 65102 or e-mail

Wetland Restoration Packet

Explains farm wetland programs and incentives.

If you own flood-prone rural acres, they may be eligible for state and federal wetland assistance. However, keeping up with the many programs available for wetland restoration can be daunting. An information packet titled Missouri Agricultural Wetland Initiative helps you sort through the five programs and determine which is right for your land and economic challenges. Inside the packet you’ll find an overview of program benefits to producers. These include reduced production costs and economic incentives, as well as improved soil, water, wildlife and nutrient conservation, among others. The “tools” section details the many practices and programs available to producers. To request this item, write to MDC, PLS 023, PO Box 180, Jefferson City, MO 65102 or e-mail

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