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From Missouri Conservationist: Oct 2001

Fall Color

The physical explanation for color change - declining colorphyll in leaves caused by cooler temperatures and shortening days - doesn't spark the human imagination. How much more satisfying to suppose that Mother Nature, operating like clockwork through the seasons, wants to end each cycle with a grand flourish. Before they slip away, she paints her leaves in bright, party colors. It's payday for her workers - and for us!

This Issue's Staff

<p>Editor - Tom Cwynar</p><p>Managing Editor - Bryan Hendricks</p><p>Art Editor - Dickson Stauffer</p><p>Artist - Dave Besenger</p><p>Artist - Mark Raithel</p><p>Photographer - Jim Rathert</p><p>Photographer - Cliff White</p><p>Staff Writer - Jim Low</p><p>Staff Writer - Joan McKee</p><p>Composition - Libby Bode Block</p><p>Circulation - Bertha Bainer</p>