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From Missouri Conservationist: Aug 1995


Gov. Mel Carnahan has declared August Big Rivers Month, in recognition of the essential roles the Mississippi and Missouri rivers have played in the state's history and their continuing importance to the residents of Missouri.

On Aug. 5 and 6, people do not need licenses to fish on the Missouri portions of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. They must, however, follow state fishing regulations.

The Conservation Department and Columbia Parks and Recreation are offering a wide variety of fun activities and prizes at Family Fishing Fair Aug. 12 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Cosmo Bethel Park in Columbia.

The Runge Conservation Nature Center in Jefferson City has scheduled "Songtelling - The Big Rivers" from 7 to 8 p.m. Aug. 8 and "The Mighty Mo" from 7 to 8 p.m. Aug. 17.

Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center hosts a big river mini-fair from 1 to 4 p.m. Aug. 5, and Burr Oak Woods Conservation Nature Center will host a big river fest 1-4 p.m. Aug. 20.

Both Clarksville and Louisiana will have big river celebrations Aug. 19 and 20. Clarksville's will have a historical theme and includes Indian encampments and river crafters. Louisiana's event takes a modern turn and includes a fish tourney, a boat parade and displays of aquatic animals.


This month's cover was painted by Gary Lucy, a Washington, Mo. artist. Lucy's art is featured in a new big rivers poster available from the Conservation Department.

To obtain a free copy of the poster, send a postcard to: Big Rivers Poster, Conservation Department, P.O. Box 180, Jefferson City, 65102-0180.


The Missouri Show-Me Chapter of the Soil and Water Conservation Society hosts "Environmental Impacts of Large vs. Small Swine Farms - A Debate" at the Municipal Auditorium in Moberly Sept. 22.

The forum will focus on the environmen tal impacts of the swine industry. Current environmental regulations and trends in the swine industry also will be presented by representatives of the Department of Natural Resources and the University of Missouri.

To register or for more information, call Dan Silbergerg at (314) 642-6198.


Applications for 1995 public area waterfowl hunting reservations will be accepted by the Conservation Department from Aug. 15 through Sept. 15.

Hunters must purchase a Missouri Waterfowl Hunting Stamp prior to making application.

Applicants younger than 16 must include either their waterfowl hunting stamp number or the number on their hunter safety card.

Application must be made on official cards available at Conservation Department wetland areas or at Conservation Department offices in Springfield, St. Louis, Jefferson City, Kansas City or Columbia.

Please note that there is a change in the reservation application cards for 1995. The waterfowl reservation sy stem has been eliminated on all areas except Swan Lake, Duck Creek and Ted Shanks areas. Hunters may now apply for all three areas on one reservation card. Hunters will not be given a preference for any particular hunting date, but will be awarded the first open date.


Applications for any-deer permits will be accepted between Aug. 1 and Aug. 31. Applications must be made on official cards available now at permit vendors or at Conservation Department offices in St. Louis, Springfield, Jefferson City, Kansas City or Columbia.

Any-deer permit applicants must purchase a regular firearms deer license or a muzzleloading firearms deer hunting permit before making application.

Resident applicants can list a second-choice unit and also may be selected for bonus antlerless-only deer permits.

Landowners must obtain a special landowner any-deer permit or a landowner bonus antlerless-only deer permit to take antlerless deer on land they own in 1994. They can apply f or any-deer permits from Aug. 1 through Oct. 15 at Conservation Department offices or permit vendors.

Resident landowners wishing to be considered for landowner bonus antlerless- only deer permits must submit their applications by Aug. 31. A short renewal form was mailed in July to landowners and permittees who received landowner any-deer permits in 1994.


The federal Clean Vessel Act makes 75 percent grants for sewage pumpouts and dump stations at marinas, docks and harbors available through the Fish and Wildlife Service and the Conservation Department.

Notices were mailed to over 100 marinas. If you are interested in the program and did not receive a notice, contact Frank Ryck at P.O. Box 180, Jefferson City, 65102-0180.


The Thunderbird Society, which preserves Native American culture, holds its Annual Powwow at the Vandalia Fairgrounds Aug 11-13.

The event includes traders, horse events, longbow dem onstrations and dancing. For more information, call Rosemary Dodd at (314) 373-5566.


In 1994, over 5,800 any-deer applications were returned for no birth date, incorrect birth date, no unit, no deer hunting permit number, and other errors. To help eliminate these problems, print clearly or type all information and check that your any-deer application contains the following:

  1. Your complete name - last, first, middle. Put Jr. , Sr., II or III at the end of the name line.
  2. Your 9-digit zip code.
  3. Your birth date in numbers - month, day, year. Please use 0 plus the number for any month or day having only one number (e.g. 01-01-52). Check to make sure you did not use the current year as your birth year.
  4. Your unit choice(s). You must have a 1st-choice unit. A 2nd-choice unit cannot be the same as your 1st choice unit. You may not use Unit 57, since it is a no-quota unit.
  5. Your current Firearms or Muzzleloading Firearms Deer Hunting Permit number. When you purchase your hunting permit, check to make sure you have the correct type of permit.
  6. Also remember to check the bonus box if you wish to apply for a Bonus Antlerless-Only Deer Permit.
  7. Double-check your unit choice(s) on the application and receipt card. Often the units designated on the receipt card and the application do not agree.

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