Record-Weight Furbearers


Think You Have a Record?

If you have trapped a large furbearer, let your regional office know. Browse the Regional Office Directory to find the office number.

The rules:

  • Your record must be a legal furbearing species.
  • It must be taken within the legal trapping/hunting/cable-restraint season each year.
  • Record is for the weight only.
  • Weights are recorded by MDC personnel at the Resource Science Center in Columbia or at the fur auctions on a specified digital scale.

Records documented since 2011.

Current Records
Record Furbearers
SpeciesSexDate TakenCounty TakenWeight (lbs.)Ounces (oz.)Hunter/Trapper
BadgerM12/17/2014Perry2814.4Corey Robinson
BadgerM11/21/2017Randolph2814.4Glen and Kyle Fessler
BeaverF3/8/2020Chariton810Clay Creech
BobcatM12/22/2019Worth500Harold Owens
CoyoteM1/13/2020Maries51.50Bradley Deeken
Gray FoxM1/2/2016Marion1211Lance Hudson & Bobby Gruenloh
MinkM1/19/2013Ralls53.2Jeff Thompson
MuskratM1/29/2020Cass45.3Dennis Hull
NutriaM2/10/2024New Madrid1911Justin McKinney
OpossumM12/18/2016Lincoln162.6Jacob Doll
RaccoonM12/11/2022Worth350Couper and Hunter Simmons
Red FoxF12/29/2018Cape Girardeau135.7Jake Partridge
River OtterM2/4/2019Ozark3211.2Sam Day
Striped SkunkM12/4/2018Moniteau914Ethan Starr