Goggle-eye (Rock Bass) and Warmouth

Species Description

Thicker-bodied than most other sunfish with large mouth and very large eyes. Spiny dorsal fin with 12 spines broadly connected to soft dorsal fin. Anal fin with 6 spines. Color variable but generally dark brown to bronze above, often blotched on sides. Distinct pattern of dark spots arranged in parallel lines along the sides differentiates the northern rock bass from closest relatives the Ozark bass and shadow bass.

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Biological Information
Goggle-eye (Rock Bass) and Warmouth

Northern rock bass, or goggle-eye, side view photo with black background

Season Open
  • January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024

Limits apply on all waters except on areas with special regulations. Check area regulations.

Daily limit: 15
Possession limit: 30
Size limit: minimum 7"

Fishing: Allowed Methods


Pole and Line


Limb Line

Bank Line

Jug Line

Additional Info

Ice fishing tackle, or tip-ups, are considered a pole-and-line method.