Live Bait Dealer Regulations

  • Any person, group or business that sells live bait, as defined in 3 CSR 10-6.605 of the Wildlife Code of Missouri, must register annually with the department as a live bait dealer.
  • Live bait may not be sold if obtained from the waters of the state except when taken by a licensed commercial fisherman from commercial waters. Live bait purchased or obtained from a licensed commercial fisherman or other legal sources must be species listed in the Approved Aquatic Species List.
  • Only the Virile (or “Northern”) crayfish (orconectes virilus) may be purchased for re-sale or sold for use as live bait. Live Virile (“Northern”) crayfish may not be imported into the state.

Live bait obtained as described in this rule may be possessed in any number.

Don't spread crayfish.