Black Bass, Stream Restrictions

Streams With Possession Open Year-Round

Black bass fishing and possession is open year-round on the Mississippi River, all waters north of the south bank of the Missouri River, the St. Francis River downstream from Wappapello Dam, and on streams in that portion of southeast Missouri bounded by a line from Cape Girardeau following Missouri highways 74 and 25, U.S. highways 60, 67, and 160; and the west bank of the Little Black River to the Arkansas sate line.

Streams With Catch-and-Release Part of the Year

In the rest of the state, black bass from streams may not be possessed March 1 - May 24, 2024. Only catch-and-release fishing for black bass is allowed during this time in this area of the state.

Map displaying stream zones with black bass possession restrictions
Areas in blue denote where black bass can only be taken from streams from May 25, 2024 to Feb. 28, 2025.