Alice Ahart Mansfield Conservation Area

Woodland landscape at Alice Ahart Mansfield Conservation Area, Camden County, Missouri
80 wooded acres of rugged Ozark Highland hills, managed as a public forest and woodland with a mostly oak/hickory cover. Selective thinning and preservation of cavity trees, or ?snags,' provide habitat for diverse wildlife species. The area offers wildlife viewing and seasonal hunting opportunities. A 0.75-mile hiking trail loops through the forest and back to the parking lot. Roy Mansfield, of Osage Beach, donated the property to MDC in 1973 to maintain a forest and wildlife management program on the land. The area is named for Roy's mother, Alice.
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Area Hours
  • Sunday, 04:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 04:00 AM - 10:00 PM
From Osage Beach, take Route KK northwest, take Baydy Peak Road north to area parking lot.
For more information call
(573) 346-2210
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7306 - 3CSR 10-11 - 130 Vehicles, Bicycles, Horses, and Horseback Riding

3CSR 10-11
Rule Number
130 Vehicles, Bicycles, Horses, and Horseback Riding


Unless otherwise posted, bicycles, including electric bicycles as defined in the Missouri Wildlife Code, are allowed on roads open to vehicular traffic and service roads (designated in the online conservation atlas). Bicycles must stay on roads open to vehicular traffic or service roads, or on multi-use trails posted as open to bicycles.   Bicycle use is not allowed on service roads passing through designated natural areas (designated in the online conservation atlas). Groups of 10 or more people using bicycles on a department area must obtain a special use permit from the area manager. The area manager can be contacted at the phone number listed in the area details section for this department area.

Fall Deer and Turkey Season - Archery and Firearms

Early Archery
Late Archery
Firearms Deer- Early Youth
Firearms Deer- November Portion
Firearms Deer- Late Youth
Firearms Deer- Late Antlerless
Firearms Deer- Alternative Methods
Firearms Deer- Early Antlerless
Firearms Deer- CWD Portion
Firearms Turkey- Fall
Public Text

Deer hunting is allowed only on Conservation Department Areas that are listed in the current Fall Deer and Turkey Pamphlet. Please reference pages 44-57 for regulations about this specific area. If an area that is owned or managed by the department is not listed in the booklet, then deer hunting is not allowed. 

Archery hunting permits are not valid during the November Portion of the Firearms Deer Hunting Season. Hunters using archery methods during this portion must possess a valid firearms deer hunting permit. 

Deer may not be hunted, pursued, taken, or killed: While in a stream or other body of water; from a boat with a motor attached; with the aid of a motor-driven land conveyance or aircraft; with the aid of dogs, in use or possession; with the aid of artificial light or night vision equipment; within any area enclosed by a fence greater than seven feet in height that could contain or restrict the free range of deer; and with the aid of bait.

Fall firearms turkey hunting is allowed only on Conservation Areas listed on pages 44-57 in the current 2023 Fall Deer and Turkey Pamphlet. Fall firearms turkey season regulations can be found on page 28 of the pamphlet


One half hour before sunrise to one half hour after sunset.


Deer may be taken in accordance with permits held. Hunters may take only two antlered deer during the firearms and archery deer hunting seasons combined. The following restrictions also apply:

Only one antlered deer may be taken during all portions of the firearms deer hunting seasons (This includes landowners in possession of both landowner any-deer hunting permits and regular any-deer hunting permits).

Limits apply to the number of antlerless deer hunting permits a hunter may fill in each county. Exceptions to this limit may apply to qualifying resident landowners and lessees. Consult the current Fall Deer and Turkey Hunting Regulations and Information Pamphlet.

Antler point restrictions apply in some counties. In these counties, only antlered deer with at least one antler having at least four antler points may be taken (The antler point restriction does not apply to youth hunters hunting on a firearms permit during the youth portions of the firearms season). Consult the current Fall Deer and Turkey Hunting Regulations and Information Pamphlet.

Only one antlered deer may be taken prior to the November portion of the firearms deer hunting season. Except, youth hunters who harvest an antlered deer on an archery permit prior to the November portion, may harvest their second antlered deer during the Early Youth Portion of the firearms deer hunting season.


Deer may be hunted on department areas as authorized in the current Fall Deer & Turkey Hunting Regulations and Information booklet. Please reference pages 44-57 in the booklet for information on METHODS and PERMITS allowed on specific conservation areas. Click here: 2023 Fall Deer and Turkey Pamphlet, to view the regulation booklet. 

Deer hunting is only allowed on conservation areas that are listed in the regulation booklet. 

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    • Deer
      • Archery Methods Only
      • Antlerless Permits Allowed
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