Two-Lined Spittlebug

Photo of an adult two-lined spittlebug on a leaf
Scientific Name
Prosapia bicincta
Cercopidae (froghoppers), in superfamily Cercopoidea

The two-lined spittlebug is a common member of the froghopper family. The two lines may be red, orange, or yellow. Some individuals are all black, except for the red eyes.

Immature (larvae, or nymphs) two-lined spittlebugs suck juices from several species of grasses. Their tender bodies are protected from predators and dry conditions by a mass of of spittle-like foam they produce to cover themselves with.

Adults suck juices from grasses and from the undersides of holly leaves.

Similar species: A closely related species, the red-legged spittlebug (P. ignipectus), is very similar but has red legs.

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