Golden Tortoise Beetle

Golden tortoise beetle on a leaf
Scientific Name
Charidotella sexpunctata
Chrysomelidae (leaf beetles) in the order Coleoptera (beetles)

The golden tortoise beetle, like other tortoise beetles, is nearly circular and rather flattened, and the pronotum shield completely covers the top of the head. This species is shiny metallic gold or orange when alive, and the edges of the elytral shields are transparent. Two spots may be present on the elytra (shell-like wing covers), making it look something like a lady beetle. When disturbed, this insect may change color.

The pudgy, grublike larvae attach their own dried-up fecal material to their backs as camouflage and defense.

Learn more about this and other leaf beetles (chrysomelids) on their group page.

Other Common Names
Sweet Potato Leaf Beetle
Length: less than ¼ inch.
Members of the morning glory family, including sweet potatoes and bindweed.
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