Great Missouri Birding Trail


The Great Missouri Birding Trail is a partnership between the Missouri Bird Conservation Foundation and MDC. The Trail was created to help birders find the “best of the best” places to bird in the state. 

great mo birding trail

The Trail is divided into six regions: 

  • Kansas City
  • St. Louis
  • Central
  • Southwest
  • Southeast
  • Northeast

Kansas City and St. Louis also have designated metro birding trails within their city limits. These include sites accessible by public transit. 

All stops on the Great Missouri Birding Trail are free to access, and most are on public land. 

On the Trail’s website, users can find:

  • Birding locations on a Google map. 
  • Site descriptions.
  • Links to area websites and eBird lists.
  • Driving directions.
  • Information on things to do in surrounding areas. 

The website also provides information on how to start birding and on what you can do for birds on your property. 

Sites on the Great Missouri Birding Trail feature the best of Missouri’s natural communities, from forest to wetland to grassland. Check out the Trail’s habitat descriptions to learn more about our state’s varied environments and how they support such a diversity of birds. 

Let the Great Missouri Birding Trail help you plan your next birding adventure!