Citizen Science


Be a citizen scientist! Record what you see in nature and share it with others.

What you'll need:

  • A camera
  • A computer or smartphone

Take pictures of interesting plants and animals you see and post them to science sites or your favorite social media apps.

Here's some apps and sites you can upload your photos to:


iNature is an online community for naturalists. Upload your photos for identification, or join in projects like Never Home Alone or Invasive Plants of Missouri


Share your sightings of different birds and start your own birding list.

MO Bumblebee Atlas

Learn how to identify and record bumblebee sightings or conduct bumblebee surveys. Help us determine the distribution of bumblebees in Missouri and what flowers they prefer.

Instagram and Twitter:

Tag your photo with #mdcdiscovernature and see it on the Discover Nature Bragging Board