September 2020 Conservation Commission Action


The Missouri Conservation Commission met on Sept. 3 for a budget workshop followed by its closed executive session and on Sept. 4 for is regular open meeting, both days at MDC Headquarters in Jefferson City. Commissioners attending were:

  1. Don C. Bedell, Chair
  2. Wm. L. (Barry) Orscheln, Vice Chair
  3. Mark L. McHenry, Secretary
  4. Steven D. Harrison, Member


The Commission received the following presentations/reports:

  • Director’s Comments -- Sara Parker Pauley, Director
  • Report of the Regulations Committee -- Mike Hubbard, Deputy Director and Chair, Regulations Committee
  • Future Bear Season Framework -- Laura Conlee, Furbearer Biologist
  • Brown-Headed Nuthatch Reintroduction -- Sarah Kendrick, State Ornithologist
  • Fiscal Year 2020 Year-End Financial Report -- Andrew Bond, Financial Services Chief
  • Fiscal Year 2020 Year-End Report of Major Construction Projects Completed and Current Major Construction Projects Status Report -- Jacob Careaga, Infrastructure Management Branch Chief
  • Fiscal Year 2020 Year-End Report of Information Technology Projects Completed and Current Information Technology Projects Status Report -- Douglas Fees, Information Technology Branch Chief


The Commission:

  • Recognized Jeff Churan of Chillicothe as a Missouri Master Conservationist.
  • Heard public comments on a future bear-hunting season by individuals who submitted written requests prior to the meeting.
  • Gave initial approval of MDC’s future bear-hunting season framework.
  • Approved the submission of MDC’s estimated Fiscal Year 2022 appropriation requests to the Office of Administration budget director pursuant to Section 33.220 RSMo.
  • Approved the sale of an estimated 998,693 board feet of timber located on 354 acres of Compartment 7, Clearwater Conservation Area in Reynolds County.
  • Approved the sale of an estimated 560,832 board feet of timber located on 387 acres of Compartment 3, Flag Spring Conservation Area in Barry County.
  • Approved the sale of the 80-acre Potosi Towersite and fire tower in Washington County.
  • Approved the transfer of an approximately 150-acre tract of Fort Crowder Conservation Area in Newton County to revert back to the United States of America.
  • Approved the naming of a 320-acre grassland tract in St. Clair County recently purchased from the Micham Family Trust as an addition to Wah’Kon-Tah Prairie Conservation Area the Dr. Harry and Mrs. Lina Berrier Memorial Tract of Wah’Kon-Tah Prairie Conservation Area.
  • Approved 2021 plan-year recommendations for the Conservation Employees’ Benefits Plan.
  • Suspended or revoked one or more hunting, fishing, trapping, or other privileges of 22 individuals for cause:
    1. Jason W Dibben, Buffalo, Hunting, 3 Years;
    2. Van L. Duh, St. Joseph, All Sport, 1 Year;
    3. Joshua L. Hollingsworth, Camden (TN), Hunting, 3 Years;
    4. Chris R. Hovey, St. Joseph, All Sport, 1 Year;
    5. Dylan K. Jones, Elkins (AR), Hunting, 2 Years;
    6. Travis L. Karhoff, Marceline, All Sport, 0 Years;
    7. Steven A. McBee, Independence, Commercial Big Game Hunting Preserve, 1 Year;
    8. Phillip G. Marlow, St. Louis, Hunting, 1 Year;
    9. Dakota A. Mooney, Doniphan, Hunting, 1 Year;
    10. Adam W. Nesbitt, New Prague (MN), Hunting, 1 Year;
    11. John R. Nigh, St. Joseph, Hunting, 1 Year;
    12. James W. O’Neal, Jr., Niangua, Hunting, 1 Year;
    13. Kevin L. Opdahl, West Chester (PA), Hunting, 2 Years;
    14. Victor I. Petrashishin, Sedalia, Fishing, 1 Year;
    15. Richard E. Reimers, Shelbina, Hunting, 1 Year;
    16. Dakota L. Schrock, Greenfield, Hunting, 1 Year;
    17. Verlin J. Shrock, Wellsville, Hunting and Trapping, 1 Year;
    18. Ray M. Tyler, Carthersville, Hunting, 3 Years;
    19. Mikael L. Werner, Marshfield, Hunting, 3 Years;
    20. Juvenile, Hunting, Until 12/20/2020;
    21. Juvenile, Hunting, Until 1/24/2021; and
    22. Juvenile, Hunting, Until 12/20/2020.
  • Set the next regular meeting for Oct. 22-23.