October 2021 Conservation Commission Action


The Missouri Conservation Commission met Oct. 21 for a commission workshop and closed executive session at the MDC Central Regional Office and Conservation Research Center, 3500 E. Gans Road in Columbia. The Missouri Conservation Commission met Oct. 22 for its regular open meeting at MDC Headquarters, 2901 W. Truman Blvd. in Jefferson City.

Commissioners attending were:

  • L. (Barry) Orscheln, Chair
  • Mark L. McHenry, Vice Chair
  • Steven D. Harrison, Secretary
  • Margaret (Margy) F. Eckelkamp, Member


The Commission received the following presentations/reports

  • Director’s Comments -- Sara Parker Pauley, Director
  • Report of the Regulations Committee -- Mike Hubbard, Deputy Director and Chair, Regulations Committee
  • Presentation on Furbearers -- Laura Conlee, Scientist
  • Presentation on Biodiversity Credit Pilot -- Bill White, Community & Private Land Conservation Branch Chief, and Greg Collier, Agriculture Liaison
  • Presentation on New Canine and Commission Badge -- Randy Doman, Protection Branch Chief
  • Financial Report -- Andrew Bond, Chief Financial Officer
  • Major Construction Projects Status Report -- Jacob Careaga, Infrastructure Branch Chief
  • Information Technology Projects Status Report -- Douglas Fees, Information Technology Branch Chief
  • Quarterly Personnel Changes Report -- Tom Neubauer, Human Resources Branch Chief


The Commission

  • Approved the exchange of two tracts of Clark Conservation Area in Clark County, consisting of approximately 20 acres and 75 acres respectively, for approximately 88 acres as an addition to Neeper Conservation Area in Clark County.
  • Approved the advertisement and sale of an estimated 1,557,051 board feet of timber located on 733 acres of Compartment 15, Current River Conservation Area in Reynolds County; and an estimated 700,882 board feet of timber located on 268 acres of Compartment 10, Peck Ranch Conservation Area in Carter County.
  • Suspended or revoked one or more hunting, fishing, trapping, or other privileges of 8 individuals for cause:
    1. Carson Allen, Cape Girardeau, Hunting, 1 Year;
    2. William E. Butricks, St. Louis, Hunting & Fishing, 2 Years;
    3. Jayden S. Hoover, Gorin, Hunting & Fishing, 1 Year;
    4. Joshua L. Nickels, Waynesville, Hunting, 1 Year;
    5. Dre C. Sitton, Billings, Hunting, 2 Years;
    6. Steven R. Weeks, Smithville, Taxidermy, 1 Year;
    7. Hunter B. Crossland, Seymour, Hunting & Fishing, Revoked until April 28, 2022; and
    8. Logan W. David, Seymour, Hunting & Fishing, Revoked until April 28, 2022.
  • Set the next regular meeting for Dec. 10.