October 2020 Conservation Commission Action


The Missouri Conservation Commission met Oct. 22 for a workshop followed by its closed executive session and Oct. 23 for its regular open meeting. Both days were held at Bennett Spring State Park near Lebanon. Commissioners attending were:

  1. Don C. Bedell, Chair
  2. L. (Barry) Orscheln, Vice Chair
  3. Mark L. McHenry, Secretary
  4. Steven D. Harrison, Member


The Commission received the following presentations/reports:

  • Director’s Comments -- Sara Parker Pauley, Director
  • Report of the Regulations Committee -- Mike Hubbard, Deputy Director and Chair, Regulations Committee
  • Trout Program Overview — Bruce Drecktrah, Fisheries Section Chief
  • Financial Report — Andrew Bond, Chief Financial Officer


The Commission:

  • Recognized Tom and Cathy Aley as Missouri Master Conservationists.
  • Suspended or revoked one or more hunting, fishing, trapping, or other privileges of 20 individuals for cause:
    1. Gerald D. Allen, Piedmont, All Sport, 1 Year;
    2. Alton J. Bassett, Carrollton, All Sport, 1 Year;
    3. Kevin D. Brown, Columbia, All Sport, 1 Year;
    4. Brian Davis, Wheatland, All Sport, 1 Year;
    5. Thomas D. Gladden, Bolivar, All Sport, 1 Year;
    6. Tony R. Gould, Lebanon, All Sport, 1 Year;
    7. Matthew D. Gowen, Glenallen, All Sport, 1 Year;
    8. Kipton R. Groseclose, Lancaster, All Sport, 1 Year;
    9. Samantha J. Helton, Vandalia, All Sport, 1 Year;
    10. Kyle J. Kettwig, Doniphan, Hunting, 1 Year;
    11. Vladislav V. Klimok, Cedar (MN), Fishing, 1 Year;
    12. Mark L. Lawrence, Seymour, Hunting , 2 Years;
    13. Brandon M. Lennox, Hannibal, Fishing, 1 Year;
    14. Sergiy Levchuk, Chicago (IL), Fishing, 1 Year;
    15. Adam L. Perea, Perryville, All Sport, 1 Year;
    16. Tanya R. Pettit, Rogersville, Hunting, 1 Year;
    17. Timathy A. Rickard, Jefferson City, All Sport, 1 Year;
    18. Nathan D. Stone, Bell City, Hunting, 6 Years;
    19. Aaron G. Sutton, Sikeston, Hunting, 1 Year; and
    20. Ethan B. Yount, Gatewood, Hunting, 1 Year.
  • Set the next regular meeting for Dec. 10-11, 2020

This document is provided for public information only and is not an official record of the Missouri Department of Conservation or Missouri Conservation Commission.

View recordings of open Commission meetings at on.mo.gov/2nodPJU.