May 2021 Conservation Commission Action


The Missouri Conservation Commission met at River Centre at The Landing in Van Buren on May 20 for a closed executive session and on May 21 for a regular open meeting. Commissioners attending were:

  • Don C. Bedell, Chair
  • L. (Barry) Orscheln, Vice Chair
  • Mark L. McHenry, Secretary
  • Steven D. Harrison, Member


The Commission received the following presentations/reports:

  • Director’s Comments — Sara Parker Pauley, Director
  • Guest Comments — Simon Roosevelt, Chair of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation
  • Report of the Regulations Committee — Mike Hubbard, Deputy Director and Chair, Regulations Committee
  • Recommendations for changes to the Wildlife Code regarding rules pertaining to all portions of the 2021-2022 deer hunting season — Jason Isabelle, Cervid Program Supervisor
  • Periodic Rule Review — Travis McLain, Protection Field Chief
  • Paddlefish Management — Sara Tripp, Scientist
  • MDC Canine Program — Russell Duckworth, Protection Regional Supervisor
  • Financial Report — Andrew Bond, Chief Financial Officer
  • Major Construction Projects Status Report — Jacob Careaga, Infrastructure Branch Chief
  • Information Technology Projects Status Report — Douglas Fees, Information Technology Branch Chief
  • Quarterly Permit Suspensions/Revocations Report — Catherine Lucia, Internal Auditor


The Commission:

  • Approved changes to the Wildlife Code regarding rules pertaining to all portions of the 2021-2022 deer hunting season.
  • Approved the advertisement and sale of an estimated 528,039 board feet of timber located on 254 acres of Compartment 3, Rudolf Bennitt Conservation Area in Howard and Randolph Counties.
  • Approved the advertisement and sale of an estimated 1,280,714 board feet of timber located on 796 acres of Compartment 7, Rocky Creek Conservation Area in Shannon County.
  • Approved the Department’s Fiscal Year 2022 Internal Expenditure Plan.
  • Suspended or revoked one or more hunting, fishing, trapping, or other privileges of 31 individuals for cause:
  • James R. Barker, El Dorado Springs, Hunting & Fishing, Addition of 1.5 Years Hunting and Fishing to current Hunting suspension;
    1. Taylor C. Brasel, Warsaw, Hunting, 1 Year;
    2. Kelvin L. Burkholder, Baring, Hunting, 1 Year;
    3. Larry F. Campbell, West Plains, Hunting, 2 Years;
    4. James R. Carothers, Platte City, Hunting, 2 Years;
    5. Andrew T. Christesen, Salem, Hunting, 1 Year;
    6. Madison M. Cook, Salem, Hunting, 1 Year;
    7. Deborah A. Flanigan, Chaffee, Hunting, 1 Year;
    8. Michael E. Flewelling, Watson, Fishing, 1 Year;
    9. Kyle J. Kettwig, Doniphan, Hunting, Addition of 1.5 Years to current suspension;
    10. Valentin Klimok, Oak Grove (MN), Fishing, 1 Year;
    11. Jonathan R. Knight, Franklinton (LA), Hunting, 1 Year;
    12. Nolan J. Kowalski, Robertsville, Hunting, 1 Year;
    13. Christine E. LaClair, Cole Camp, All Sport, 1 Year;
    14. Richard C. Lawson, Benton, Hunting, 1 Year;
    15. Van K. Lian, Sherman (TX), Fishing, 1 Year;
    16. Christopher J. Mahan, Brookfield, Hunting, 1 Year;
    17. Albert F. Marshall, Laquey, Hunting, 1 Year;
    18. Casey E. Matthews, Carthage, Hunting, 1 Year;
    19. Michael A. Palmer, St. Joseph, Hunting & Fishing, 2 Years;
    20. Luke N. Penner, Bentonville (AK), All Sport, 1 Year;
    21. Harold P. Piatt, Bunker, Hunting, 2 Years;
    22. Sothea Prach, Columbia, Hunting & Fishing, 1 Year;
    23. Vincent S. Price, Potosi, Hunting & Fishing, 1 Year;
    24. Devon C. Resz, Washburn, Hunting, 3 Years;
    25. Landon C. Ruble, Annapolis, Hunting, 1 Year;
    26. Ram U. Thang, Lewisville (TX) , Fishing, 1 Year;
    27. Terry N. Watson, Centralia, All Sport, 1 Year;
    28. Logan R. Wells, Sedalia, Hunting, 1 Year;
    29. Patrick R. Wolk, Ste. Genevieve, Fishing, 1 Year; and
    30. Mang Hrin S. Zaathang, Lewisville (TX), Fishing, 1 Year.
  • Approved early reinstatement of hunting privileges for Dustin A. Scott of Brookfield.
  • Approved the suspension or revocation of hunting privileges of two individual(s) who inflicted injury to another person while hunting:
    1. Darrell R. Crider, Eminence, 14 months and completion of Hunter Education; and
    2. Jeffrey L. Abbiatti, Carthage, 1 year and completion of Hunter Education.
  • Set the next regular meeting for July 9, 2021.