December 2021 Conservation Commission Action


The Missouri Conservation Commission met on Dec. 9 for a commission workshop and closed executive session and on Dec. 10 for its regular open meeting. All were held at MDC Headquarters, 2901 W. Truman Blvd. in Jefferson City.

Commissioners attending were:

  • L. (Barry) Orscheln, Chair
  • Mark L. McHenry, Vice Chair
  • Steven D. Harrison, Secretary
  • Margaret (Margy) F. Eckelkamp, Member


The Commission received the following presentations/reports:

  • Director’s Comments -- Sara Parker Pauley, Director
  • Report of the Regulations Committee -- Mike Hubbard, Deputy Director and Chair, Regulations Committee
  • 2022 Missouri Wild Turkey Hunting Regulation Recommendations -- Reina Tyl, Turkey Biologist
  • 2022 Furbearer Hunting Regulation Recommendations -- Laura Conlee, Science Section Chief
  • Mozingo Crappie Regulations -- Tory Mason, Fisheries Management Biologist
  • Financial Report -- Andrew Bond, Chief Financial Officer
  • Major Construction Projects Status Report -- Jacob Careaga, Infrastructure Branch Chief
  • Information Technology Projects Status Report -- Douglas Fees, Information Technology Branch Chief


The Commission:

  • Approved final orders of rulemaking from the MDC mid-year code review.
  • Approved season dates for each portion of the 2022-2023 firearms deer hunting season.
  • Approved season dates for 2022 turkey hunting seasons.
  • Gave initial approval to furbearer hunting regulation recommendations.
  • Gave final approval to regulation changes that would allow the expanded use of bicycles and electric bicycles on many department-area service roads and multi-use trails and gave final approval to MDC definitions of bicycles and electric bicycles.
  • Approved the sale of an estimated 591,130 board feet of timber located on 183 acres of Compartment 8, University Forest Conservation Area in Wayne County; and an estimated 705,979 board feet of timber located on 380 acres of Compartment 1, Little Black Conservation Area in Ripley County.
  • Suspended or revoked one or more hunting, fishing, trapping, or other privileges of two individuals for cause:
    1. Jeremy L. Gilbert, Springfield, Hunting and Fishing, 2 Years; and
    2. Lance R. Lujan, Springfield, Hunting, 5 Years.
  • Suspended or revoked privileges for 871 individuals from July 1 to Sept. 30 in accordance with the terms of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact.
  • Set the next regular meeting for Feb.18, 2022.