April 2020 Conservation Commission Action


The Missouri Conservation Commission met at Conservation Department Headquarters, 2901 W. Truman Blvd. in Jefferson City, on April 8 for a budget workshop and closed executive session followed by its regular open meeting. Commissioners attending were:

  • Don C. Bedell, Chair
  • Wm. L. (Barry) Orscheln, Vice Chair/Secretary
  • Steven D. Harrison, Member
  • Mark L. McHenry, Member


The Commission received the following presentations/reports

  • Director’s Comments — Sara Parker Pauley, Director
  • Report of the Regulations Committee, and associated action items — Mike Hubbard, Deputy Director and Chair, Regulations Committee
  • Recommendations for 2020 dove season dates and limits and for 2020-21 migratory bird season dates and limits — Andy Raedeke, Environmental Resource Scientist
  • Feral Hog Update — Jason Jensen, Private Land Services Chief
  • Financial Report — Andrew Bond, Financial Services Chief
  • Major Construction Projects Status Report — Jacob Careaga, Design and Development Division Chief
  • Information Technology Projects Status Report — Douglas Fees, Information Technology Services Chief


The Commission

  1. Approved recommendations for 2020 dove season dates and limits and for 2020-21 migratory bird season dates and limits.
  2. Approved recommendations for 2020 elk-season permit quotas.
  3. Gave initial approval for recommendations to allow the issuance of new permits for existing Class I and Class II wildlife breeder facilities for white-tailed deer, white-tailed deer hybrids, mule deer, or mule-deer hybrids and big-game hunting preserves within 25 miles of the location of a department confirmed Chronic Wasting Disease-positive animal during the five-year period following a confirmed positive.
  4. Approved ending the free fishing permit waiver on April 15 and continued suspension of enforcement for daily trout tags until such time as the Missouri State Park concessionaires at the three state trout parks are reopened, for all persons whose fishing privileges are not otherwise suspended. All season dates, methods, and limits will continue to apply and be enforced.
  5. Suspended or revoked one or more hunting, fishing, or trapping privileges of 31 individuals for cause:
    • William K. Applegate, Morrisville, Hunting, 2 Years;
    • Dillon E. Aubrey, Anderson, Hunting and Fishing, 1 Year;
    • Joseph E. Bell, Tunas, Hunting, Revoked Until 1/28/22;
    • Braxton A. Coleman, Versailles, Hunting, 3 Years;
    • Michael D. Fralick, Roseland (LA), All Sport, 2 Years;
    • Travis L. Gooch, Rolla, All Sport, 1 Year;
    • Quenton B. Hellmann, Union, All Sport, 1 Year;
    • Harvell Hunter, Carthage, All Sport, 1 Year;
    • Kince L. Hutchinson, Cameron, Hunting, 6 Years;
    • Richard A. Jones, Rockville, Hunting, 1 Year;
    • Cory D. Kirchdoerfer, Advance, Hunting, 1 Year;
    • Mark W. Koelling, Camdenton, All Sport, 1 Year;
    • Sam Larue, Bolivar, Hunting, 2 Years;
    • Derek Lawrence, Hermitage, Hunting, 1 Year;
    • Betuel V. Mailat, Highlandville, Fishing, 2 Years;
    • Brandon D. Manton, Kahoka, Hunting, 3 Years;
    • Nathen A. McKinney, Farmington, Hunting, 1 Year;
    • Dalton J. Mitchell, Odessa, All Sport, 1 Year;
    • Dang C. Nguyen, Springfield, Hunting and Fishing, 1 Year;
    • Cole W. Sansoucie, Farmington, All Sport, 1 Year;
    • Richard W. Saunders, Joseph, All Sport, 1 Year;
    • Dillon R. Secrest, St. Clair, All Sport, Add 1 year to end of current revocation;
    • Adam L. Straub, Cameron, All Sport , 1 Year;
    • Joseph S. Swad, Mulberry, (AR), Hunting, 6 Years;
    • Larry R. Thompson, Poplar Bluff, Hunting, 1 Year;
    • Logan C. Thompson, Russellville, Hunting, 1 Year;
    • Craig A. Troester, Gilman City, Hunting, 6 Years;
    • Steven G. Warren, Leadwood, Hunting, 1 Year;
    • Junior E. White, Malden, Hunting, 2 Years;
    • Jared T. Wolter, Mountain Grove, Hunting, Revoked Until 12/12/20; and
    • Richard E. Yearns, Queen City, Hunting, 2 Years.
  6. Suspended hunting privileges and required completion of a hunter education training course no sooner than six months prior to restoration of privileges for the following four individuals who inflicted injury to another person by firearm while hunting:
    • Hayden L. Moore, Concordia, 2-year suspension and completion of Hunter Education;
    • Donald D. Howe, Edina, 5-year suspension and completion of Hunter Education;
    • Dillion M. Caldwell, Centralia, 2-year suspension and completion of Hunter Education; 
    • David E. Black, Louisburg (KS), 1-year suspension and completion of Hunter Education.
  7. Suspended or revoked all hunting and fishing privileges of 276 individuals who are not in compliance with applicable child support laws.
  8. Suspended or revoked one or more hunting, fishing, and trapping privileges of 1,119 individuals in accordance with the terms of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact (IWVC).
  9. Approved all future child support permit suspensions upon receipt from the Department of Social Services; also approved all future IWVC-based permit revocations upon receipt from the IWVC (and after ratification by Department staff).
  10. Approved policy and procedural changes for Attendance and Work Hours policy.
  11. Approved the purchase of 320 acres in St. Clair County as an addition to Wah’Kon-Tah Prairie Conservation Area, using funds previously donated and restricted for prairie conservation and restoration purposes.
  12. Set the next regular meeting for May 28-29.