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Conservation Area Plans Open for Comment

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DRAFT Grand Pass Conservation Area Management Plan

This area includes 5,301 acres in Saline County. The area is managed to protect, restore, and manage fish, forest, and wildlife habitats, particularly wetlands and their associated plants and animals, emphasizing biodiversity and ecosystem integrity, while providing high-quality public use opportunities for hunting, fishing, and wildlife viewing. The area provides a 25-acre fishing lake (Teteseau Lake), 19 wetland pools, three primitive camping areas, 10 gravel boat launching areas, one observation/wildlife viewing tower, one (ADA-accessible) waterfowl hunting blind, and one (ADA-accessible) privy for public use.


DRAFT Bradley A. Hammer Memorial Conservation Area Management Plan

This area includes 344 acres in Wayne County. The area is managed to sustain existing natural communities (bottomland forest, stream, upland forest, Black River riparian corridor, and natural beaver pond); and provide quality wildlife habitat for a variety of species through forest management and open field management. Emphasis is on managing forest and wetland wildlife that occur in the Black River riparian corridor and the adjacent Ozark upland forest and to provide access to the Black River for recreational opportunities. The area provides one gravel boat ramp and two primitive camping sites for public use.

St. Louis

DRAFT Meramec Conservation Area Management Plan

This area includes 4,045 acres in Franklin County. The area is managed for a healthy, diverse, and sustainable mosaic of forests, woodlands, and aquatic resources that provide habitat to a wide variety of plants and animals; and provide opportunities for the public to hunt, hike/bike/horse-ride on multi-use trails, and view, study, or learn about nature/conservation. The area provides one (ADA-accessible) privy, one 10.4-mile hike/bike/horse trail, three hiking trails (7.5 miles total), two scenic overlooks, and three footbridges for public use.

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