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Conservation Area Plans Open for Comment

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DRAFT Dale Sare Conservation Area Management Plan

This area includes 320 acres in Greene County. The area is managed for woodland and grassland communities for outdoor skill education use by small groups. There are three primitive camping areas available for public use.

St. Louis

DRAFT Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center Area Management Plan

This area includes 112 acres in St. Louis County. The area is managed to promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation of conservation for a diverse audience, through education, interpretive experiences, exhibits, and resource management in an urban setting. The area includes a nature center building (featuring exhibit space, classroms, wildlife viewing area, gift shop, and public restrooms), staging area (with water fountain and restroom), 2.2 miles of hiking trails, 3,000-gallon outdoor aquarium, and artificial wetland and waterfall features that are available for public use and enjoyment. 

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