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Spring Woods Bingo

A springtime walk in the woods is a delight for your senses. The forest turns green, birds sing, and the sweet scent of flowers hangs in the air. To make your walk even better, play “Spring Woods Bingo.”


Cut out the bingo cards. Bring the cards, a couple friends, and some pencils on your next hike. When you spot an item in the woods that’s listed on the card, put an “X” in the corresponding box. When you get five X’s in a row, yell “Xplor!”


In “Spring Woods Bingo” if you say “bingo” instead of “Xplor,” you must erase one of your X’s and continue to look for items until you have five in a row again.

Critter Corner

Baby Red-Shouldered Hawks

These nestlings are waiting for mom or dad to bring home lunch — maybe a frog or a mouse. Their parents will tend to them until they are ready to hunt on their own, sometime in mid-June. Red-shouldered hawks start nesting in mid-March, and their eggs hatch in late April or early May. You may spot nesting pairs in woods along creeks this spring. Listen for the parents’ calls — a loud kee-aah! Learn more at mdc.mo.gov/field-guide.

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