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Celebrate spring and join us to learn about the signs of spring we are beginning to see. We will also make a fun spring craft to take home. Recommended for ages 3-7.


Signs of spring can be seen everywhere from birds migrating back to Missouri to blooms on the forest floor. Let’s explore the beauty and uniqueness of ephemeral wildflowers. Join Shoal Creek Conservation Education Center Naturalists to learn how to identify spring wildflowers and which ones you may see in your own backyard. Recommended for ages 12 and up. Register is Required with a valid email address to receive the program link.

Nature Art

April showers bring May flowers and the world of pollinators. Join us to learn about the importance of pollinators in Missouri including bees, butterflies and many others. Knowledge won’t be the only thing you will leave with that evening as we create a simple crochet bee. It’s recommended you know basic crochet stitches, but it isn’t required. All materials will be provided. Recommended for ages 12 and up.


Join us to enjoy the signs of spring while exploring the Wildcat trail system. This will be around a four-mile hike with some rugged terrain. Wear comfortable hiking shoes and bring a water bottle. Bring binoculars if you like. Meet at the Gazebo on the west side of the Shoal Creek Conservation Education Center. This program is for women only. Ages 14-adult. Girls 14-17 accompanied by an adult female are welcome.

Endangered Species

The Ozark Chinquapin was a major player in our Ozarks forests; often it was the dominant tree species on many ridge tops and rocky slopes. The decline of the species had major effects on local wildlife food webs and traditional cultural uses. The hard-working Ozark Chinquapin Foundation, area foresters and local naturalists have been dedicated for almost 15 years in saving this species, and there are several success stories ahead.

Native Plants

Naturescaping is simply utilizing native flowers, vines, shrubs, and other plants that share our environment for our landscaping needs. They may be as manicured as a formal garden or have a little wild space in a backyard corner. The benefits of a purposeful flowerbed or landscape will be covered from the roots up, including starting with a new space to rehabbing an existing flowerbed. The design and plant components of a butterfly garden, hummingbird haven, and more ideas to entice wanted wildlife will be included.

Outdoor Cooking

Now that Spring fishing season is in full swing, and you have caught and cleaned a mess of fish, now is the time to learn how to cook them. In this Virtual Fish Cooking program, we will focus on the common equipment needed for cooking fish, frying and grilling fish, as well as other methods to prepare fish. This is a combination of the Virtual Fish Cooking Series that was held this month.


Falconry is the ancient art and hunting sport of using trained birds of prey to hunt wild game. It was introduced to the United States in 1622 by England, and though it has evolved over the years, one thing remains the same: the bond between the falconer and their bird. Join Meagan Duffee-Yates, Master falconer, as she discusses the rich history of falconry. Discover what makes birds of prey such fascinating animals and see live birds of prey. She'll discuss the steps involved in becoming a falconer and the importance of raptor conservation. Best for age 5 and up.

Nature Art

Nature journaling is an expressive and creative way for people of all skill levels to learn about and appreciate nature. Join an MDC naturalist to talk about different methods of keeping a nature journal and participate in some activities to get your creative juices flowing! A drawing with be held for an MDC nature journal and coloring pencils. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

Fishing Skills

Snagging season is open and the suckers are getting ready to shoal. Now is the time to learn about the different gear you will need to snag/

grab these nongame fish. We will discuss rods, reels, lines, hooks, and other gear to help make a successful outing, whether you catch fish or not.