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Discover Nature

Slither in and discover the incredible world of Missouri’s snakes. These legless, scaly reptiles are often misunderstood, but are beneficial to the environment and to us. Join us to untangle snake myths, learn who lives around us, and meet some live snakes up close.

Little Acorns

Have you ever wondered where some of your favorite animal go during winter? They might be hibernating! Join us are we learn about critters that stay snug in their beds during the cold winter months. *All activities will be inside*

Discover Nature

Have you ever needed to tie down a tarp or secure a cargo load? There’s a knot for that! Come practice knot tying with Burr Oak Woods staff as we learn the different names and uses for some of the most used knots.

Discover Nature

Do you wonder where all the animals go when it’s too cold to be outside. Maybe they are sleeping beneath the snow. Come out and learn about all the animals that hibernate during the wintery months.


Are you curious about the MR340? This program is appropriate for MR 340 racers, ground crew members and people who are just interested in learning what it takes to paddle across the state of Missouri in less than four days.

Fishing Skills

Join us at Burr Oak Woods Nature Center and learn to clean, and prepare your trout.

Staff will demonstrate some easy methods of cleaning trout, then participants will have a hands on opportunity to clean some trout themselves. We'll prepare those trout for everyone to sample using some favorite and delicious methods.

Each participant must register separately. Contact instructor for assistant with registration.

Little Acorns

During this holiday season of sharing, how about starting a new family tradition by helping to feed some of the wild animals during Missouri’s harsh winter. We will create edible ornaments just for the animals of Burr Oak Woods, then head outdoors to decorate the perfect tree with them!