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Discover Nature - Fishing Lessons 1 & 2

Lesson 1: Learn the parts and function of a spin cast fishing rod and reel. How to cast safely and successfully. How to fasten basic tackle to a fishing line. Learn techniques to catch fish and handle it properly.

Lesson 2: How to Tie a Knot and Bait a Hook combines instruction with hands-on fishing to teach young anglers and families intermediate fishing techniques and skills. Participants will learn to tie an improved clinch knot and how to properly secure bait on hooks.

Participants will be able to take what they learned and go fishing.


With the arrival of warmer weather, the drab colors of winter are replaced with the vibrant hues of spring. Colorful wildflowers splash the landscape attracting a variety of pollinators to them. Capture this beauty as you paint your own wildflower scenes onto gift tags that you can share with others.


Participants will learn about native butternut trees. Then they will delve into the art of woodworking, specifically carving their own trencher bowls from ethically sourced butternut wood. This intermediate-level class covers layout, design, and the use of hand tools.


Hummingbirds are beautiful and unique birds. Discover more about these tiny fliers and learn how to attract these magnificent little jewels to your yard or garden.


Brown-headed nuthatches require a healthy, stable pine-woodland habitat — something Missouri had mostly lost but has been gradually regaining. Now that our state has restored some of its pine woodlands, approximately 100 birds were reintroduced in the Mark Twain National Forest between 2020 and 2021, and survival monitoring of the brown-headed nuthatches continues to present day. If this species is deemed a successful reintroduction, it will be considered a permanent resident of Missouri as it is nonmigratory.

Nature Art

This class is a 12-month program (June 2023-May 2024) that meets each month. You will learn simple, but beautiful embroidery techniques as we explore some of the most stunning and unique trees native to Missouri.

By signing up, you are committing to attend all twelve of the monthly sessions so that you will be able to complete all 15 blocks for an entire quilt.