Predator Vs. Prey


Long-Tailed Weasel vs. Eastern Cottontail

Fast and Furious

Weasels are as nimble as ninjas and attack so swiftly that they usually catch prey off guard.

Mighty Bitey

Once a weasel pounces, it bites so quickly that it’s hard to follow the action with the human eye.

Long Jumper

When a bunny wants to boogie, it can leap 15 feet in a single hop and zigzag away at 18 mph.

Wide-Angle Vision

Thanks to eyes that stick out from the sides of its head, a cottontail can see danger coming from almost any direction.

and the winner is…

Although mice make up most of its menu, a weasel can capture animals twice its size. This time, though, the cottontail gets the jump on the hungry hunter and is able to buck the weasel off its back.

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