Teachers invited to attend MDC’s free basic archery instructor training at Kirkwood Community Center Oct. 16

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KIRKWOOD, Mo.—Teachers, if there was an activity that could help your students keep focus, improve their grades, and boost their self-esteem, would you say “bullseye?” Archery has been proven to do just that for students who participate in the Missouri National Archery in the Schools Program (MoNASP).

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) will hold a MoNASP basic archery instructor training for teachers from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 16 in the east gym of the Kirkwood Community Center, 11 South Geyer Road in Kirkwood. The session includes a 30-minute lunch break; however, lunch will not be included.

This is a free training class and is meant for teachers who are interested in incorporating MoNASP instruction into their school’s curriculum. Teachers must attend the entire training session to receive the Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) certification. Volunteers other than teachers may attend but will need to gain approval for their attendance from their prospective school before registration.

BAI training is required for schools to participate in MoNASP and to qualify for related grant money. MoNASP is taught as a two-week unit during the school day and makes the school eligible to compete in National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) tournaments on a local, state, national and international level. Schools must qualify for the NASP competitions.

MoNASP is part of NASP, which provides the BAI certification, and is the national program that teaches international style target archery to students in grades 4-12.

Statistics show school archery programs improve school attendance, increase participants self-esteem and physical activity, helps kids relate to learning subject matter, and gets them outdoors to discover nature. Participants also learn an activity they can enjoy for the rest of their lives in the form of recreational target shooting or bow hunting.

To register for the workshop, visit http://naspbai.org/. For more information, contact MDC Outdoor Skills Specialist Dennis Cooke at  Dennis.Cooke@mdc.mo.gov or call 314-301-1500 ext. 4218. Reservations are required by Oct. 10.

For more information about MoNASP, visit https://goo.gl/SRxq7T.