Renovated shooting range on MDC Logan Conservation Area now open

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Troy, Mo — The unstaffed shooting range located on the Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) William R. Logan Conservation Area is now open again. The range temporarily shut down last December so that a number of upgrades and safety enhancements could be performed. The conservation area is off State Highway E northeast of the town of Silex.

Modifications to the range include a refaced main backstop designed to prevent erosion and reduce the potential for ricochets. A side berm between the range and adjacent road has also been added. Other conveniences now in place are eight new shooting benches, ADA-accessible parking and sidewalk, and re-graded grounds to decrease standing water after rain.

The Logan Range now sports single projectile ranges at 25- and 50-yards. While they do expand opportunities for hunters and traditional target shooters, the new 25- and 50-yard ranges are not designed to safely handle rapid-firing, automatic firing, or center-fire rifle cartridges .50 caliber or larger.

Shotgun shooters will not need to stand in mud after wet weather as before, thanks to a new concrete pad installed on the shotgun field. This will also help improve the shooting experience by making it easier to position portable clay target throwers.

The range will continue to close each Monday from 8 a.m. to noon so that routine maintenance may be performed. There is no fee charged to use the range.

William R. Logan Conservation Area is in Lincoln County, five miles north of Silex between Highway 61 and Route UU. The 1,798-acre area includes 1,417 acres of timber, 350 acres of open fields, 29 acres of lakes/ponds, and a creek.

MDC acquired the property in 1968 partly with Pittman-Robertson funds from the federal excise tax on sporting arms and ammunition.