Public invited to fish MDC's Duck Creek CA ponds before drained for renovations

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PUXICO, Mo. -- The Missouri Department of Conservation's (MDC) Duck Creek Conservation Area (CA) announces a fish salvage opportunity at the five fish ponds on the east side of the area, a little more than a half mile south of the main Duck Creek CA entrance along Highway 51.

According to MDC Wetland Wildlife Biologist Frank Nelson, these ponds are scheduled to be drained as part of the ongoing renovation project on the area. Nelson said MDC would like to maximize public use of the fish resource before the ponds are drained.

Anglers can salvage fish from the ponds and their immediate spillways effective immediately until Aug. 15. The following restrictions apply:

  • All species of fish may be taken.
  • Daily and possession limits will remain in effect.
  • Participants may use all types of nets including trammel nets, gill nets, hoop nets, dip nets, and seines; as well as rod and reel and hand.
  • All unwanted fish must be returned to the water immediately unharmed.
  • Participants will be allowed on the conservation area only during hours normally permitted for fishing
  • All participants must possess a valid Missouri fishing permit.

Nelson said the levees to the fish ponds will be notched on July 21, which will then drain the ponds. Once the ponds are drained, a ground survey will be conducted.

“The topographic information will help finalize our engineering plans to incorporate a larger drainage network across the adjacent 75 acres,” Nelson said. “This dirt work will be a part of the next stage of our renovation.”

Nelson said the area will be managed as a mix of seasonally flooded forest and marsh habitat.

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