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dogbane tiger moth

It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No, it’s….

Aerobatic evasive maneuvers, radar and radar jamming counter measures, specialized reconnaissance devices, and audible warning systems seem like items that would be on the punch list for the next military aircraft contract with Lockheed or Boeing...

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Transition From Wet to Dry

Nature’s Twist to Multi-cropping

Multi-cropping is a common agricultural practice that is used to get more production out of one of piece of land. In Missouri, you often see this when wheat is planted in the winter and soybeans follow in the summer. At first glance, natural habitats like wetlands may seem to be quite different. However, if you look closer, multiple “crops” occur here as well.

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Pool 1 Over Time

Piecing Together The Puzzle of History: Part II

Wetland conservation has come a long way since the 1800’s. Today we realize these habitats aren’t worthless, but provide a range of important benefits...

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Mingo Swamp Plat Map

Piecing Together The Puzzle of History: Part I

Southeast Missouri and the Mingo Basin have a rich history. Over the last decade or so I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to find various pieces of the puzzle to make sense of the land, water, and what happened as European settlers and subsequent generations lived here over the last 200 years.

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To Bee Or Not To Bee

There is a saying that goes “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”. Not only is this true in human society, but it is also seen in the animal world through mimicry.

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Scope of Summer Dirt Work

Spotlight on Summer Work

This is an exciting time for the Duck Creek renovation...

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Recent Clearing Work

Spring Cleaning In Preparation for Summer Work

We are rolling up our sleeves and getting ready for more work on the area this summer. Similar to previous renovation construction, we are connecting smaller pieces of habitat and incorporating them within larger blocks of the area when possible. That means taking down some old levees, wiping out neglected fence lines, and filling in unnecessary ditches.

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Bufflehead drakes show off their contrasting black and white plumage during thei

All Buffed Up and Ready For Spring

Although we may still have a few cold spells here and there, the warmer weather has been a welcome change and ushered folks outdoors...

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Hooded Merganser Band Returns

Thank You! Yes, You!

You may not think of it every day, but odds are if you come across this article you are a conservationist. And for that, I want to say...

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Map of New Flooded Basins

Sneak Peak at Greenbrier

Last fall concrete water control structures were being poured and tractors hauling dirt-pans created intermittent sloughs and gradual islands of higher ground in three fields at the Greenbrier Unit of Duck Creek.

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