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Birding By Boat

Picturesque Paddling

Being outside and observing nature has a way of recharging my batteries...

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Illustration of male and female blue-winged teal in flight

2015 Teal Season Information For Duck Creek

With teal season starting this weekend here are a few details for those considering hunting at Duck Creek.

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Blister Beetle

The Healing Power of Pests

Sometimes it is easy to dismiss parts of nature that seem trivial, annoying, and irrelevant to our daily lives. We like things simple. However...

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red swamp crayfish

College Towns, Waterfowl, And The Rest Of The Residents

It is that time of year when summer comes to a close and school starts back up again. If you have ever lived in a college town, you know the community goes under a bit of a transition.

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Swamp Thing

I just have to say, nature is pretty amazing. This summer I was tromping across one of the wetland units at Duck Creek...

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New ADA Blind at Duck Creek

With the recent release of the Breeding Duck Populations Report and the announcement of early migratory bird hunting season dates in Missouri, it may be tempting to daydream about this fall’s waterfowl season.

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dogbane tiger moth

It’s a bird, it’s a plane. No, it’s….

Aerobatic evasive maneuvers, radar and radar jamming counter measures, specialized reconnaissance devices, and audible warning systems seem like items that would be on the punch list for the next military aircraft contract with Lockheed or Boeing...

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Transition From Wet to Dry

Nature’s Twist to Multi-cropping

Multi-cropping is a common agricultural practice that is used to get more production out of one of piece of land. In Missouri, you often see this when wheat is planted in the winter and soybeans follow in the summer. At first glance, natural habitats like wetlands may seem to be quite different. However, if you look closer, multiple “crops” occur here as well.

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Pool 1 Over Time

Piecing Together The Puzzle of History: Part II

Wetland conservation has come a long way since the 1800’s. Today we realize these habitats aren’t worthless, but provide a range of important benefits...

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Mingo Swamp Plat Map

Piecing Together The Puzzle of History: Part I

Southeast Missouri and the Mingo Basin have a rich history. Over the last decade or so I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to find various pieces of the puzzle to make sense of the land, water, and what happened as European settlers and subsequent generations lived here over the last 200 years.

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