New MDC conservation agent calls Jefferson County "home"

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Mo. — She may be new to Jefferson County, but in many ways Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) Agent Lexis Riter is right at home.
Riter begins her assignment this month, replacing Agent Chris Boyd, who transferred to another county. She assumes her duties alongside standing Conservation Agent Jeff Breuer.

Having been born and raised in Rolla, Riter's passion for Missouri's natural resources and the outdoors was kindled at an early age. "I grew up in a family of hunters and fishers and I Ioved being outside and camping, and to this day fishing is my favorite thing in the world to do," said Riter.

The dream of becoming a conservation agent took hold while she was in school. "I went to school with a girl whose dad was a conservation agent and I always heard stories about the agents," she explained. "It became really important to me to help uphold the regulations set in place to make sure that we still have all of these fantastic things in Missouri for future generations."

Riter, who lives in De Soto, earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Missouri—St. Louis. She graduated from MDC's Conservation Agent Academy in 2014. She served as a conservation agent in St. Louis County before being assigned to Jefferson County. Her experience also includes working two years as an MDC Protection Division intern.

Riter loves the freedom and variety of her job. She said every day is different—one day she might be teaching kids to fish, another day be on a radio show, and performing law enforcement activities the next. "Getting outside all the time beats being behind a desk all day," said Riter.

Riter said her first priority is to build a solid relationship with her new community. "I want them to know me and trust me. They can call me any time, for anything—whether it's to trap a raccoon, or to teach a program to their school or report a violation. The most important thing to me is that my community trusts me."

In her spare time, Riter enjoys singing, having performed with a band in the past. And, of course, fishing is also tops on her personal to-do list.

Riter's favorite aspect of Jefferson County is what she calls its "Ozarky" feel. She said the terrain, the resources and friendly, laid-back attitude of the county's people all remind her a lot of the area where she grew up in Rolla.

"One thing that really excites me about Jefferson County, it looks like home to me," she said.

Conservation Agent Riter can be reached at 314-696-9425, or by email at