MDC’s Conservation Agent Cpl. Eric Heuring named United Bowhunters Conservation Agent of the Year

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Cape Girardeau, Mo. – Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) Agent Cpl. Eric Heuring of Dunklin County was recently named United Bowhunters of Missouri (UBM) Conservation Agent of the Year. Conservation Agent Lt. Trent Lane said Heuring’s unique style of regulation enforcement tactics and his leading of educational programs within the community qualified him for the honor.

“Cpl. Heuring is very informative when conveying wildlife related regulations to the public,” said Lane. “He works a varied schedule to ensure that he meets the needs of the public, and he ensures hunters are properly adhering to the regulations of Missouri’s Wildlife Code.”

Heuring has served 18 years in Dunklin County overseeing upland game, big game, and commercial fishing activities on the St. Francis River, which encompasses more than 70 miles of river. He also oversees Ben Cash, Hornersville Swamp, Wilhelmina, and Little River Conservation Areas.

And aside from enforcing regulations, Heuring assists with a Missouri Bootheel Consortium Fishing event at Combs Lake Conservation Area. This “impressive” program continues to draw more than 500 participants, said Lane.  

“Cpl. Heuring works across county lines and has a great working relationship with his coworkers and neighboring agents across the state line,” said Lane. “They all work together to ensure the public receives the best possible service, and that the public adheres to the regulations of both states.”

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