MDC workshop has tips on caring for trees after ice storm

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EL DORADO SPRINGS, Mo. – Ice and snow have given trees in some parts of Missouri an unplanned winter trimming. Now homeowners are looking at the dangling branches of their favorite front-yard tree and wondering if the tree needs to be pruned or completely removed.

People can get more information about what to do about ice-damaged trees in the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) workshop “Tree Care: After the Ice Storm”. This free workshop will be 6:30-8:30 p.m., March 5 at MDC’s El Dorado Springs office, located at 1109 S. Main St.

At the workshop, MDC Community Forester Jon Skinner will offer advice about when trees should be removed and replaced, when they should be pruned and when they simply should be left alone to let Nature heal them. He will also give tips on where to go to get MDC advice on tree care and on how to hire a professional arborist. Regardless of what type of tree care needs to be done, MDC foresters remind tree owners that topping is the treatment that should not be done. Topping is likely to do more damage to the tree than an ice storm will.

People can register for this workshop by calling 417-876-5226. All attendees will receive the MDC booklet “Tree Care After Storms.” People can also get information on tree care at